You don’t need to pay Twitter Blue to protect your account: discover how

Protecting accounts in social networks is something essential that everyone in the world must do. If a computer hacker manages to take control of our account, he will not only be able to know everything about our personal life, but he will also supplant our identity. Therefore, those responsible for the main social networks offer different security measures that, in general, are available for all users. Except if you are a user of Twitter, where will you pay.

The double authentication is a measure for which, when we start a session, the server asks us for a random blank that we must receive in the mobile, mail or in another app. This way, if someone steals our password, that password will not be able to be used for anything.

There are several types of two-factor authentication. In the past, we were allowed to connect from mobile y to receive the key by SMS when we went to start a session. The most used, depending on an intermediate app, and a protocol, like Google Authenticator, to generate keys. And, another of the most common, is to use a security key to authenticate.

2FA Twitter

Twitter, for example, has three security measures for some time, allowing its users to adequately protect their accounts to prevent hackers from stealing them. 2FA is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Many users used the SMS authentication option, receiving a code in the mobile phone when they started a session due to its convenience and ease.

Unfortunately, after the arrival of Elon Musk, the CEO has been clear: he pays subscription of 8 euros per month for Blueor you will not be able to use this security measure.

Authentication for SMS in Twitter Blue

Fortunately, it is not necessary to pay, because any of the other two options we have are much more secure than SMS authentication.

Activate the authentication in two steps of Twitter for free

To carry out this configuration, the first thing we will do will be to start a normal session with our Twitter account. Once in the profile, we must click on the “More options” button on the left panel, to then go to the “Configuration and support > Configuration and security” section.

Within this section, we select the option «Security and access to the account» > «Security» and from there we can activate the authentication in two steps to protect our Twitter account. The trick is that, instead of using a text message (which is the payment function), we must select any one of the other two options, the authentication application being the most recommended.

Activate 2FA Twitter

We only need to follow the steps that we are indicating on our own social network to finish protecting our account adequately. We recommend, as an authenticator app, to use Authy, one of the best based on the Google Authenticator protocol.

Además, very important, we must download recovery codes and keep them in a safe place. If we lose the double authentication, this will be the only way to get back into our account.

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