Why study a Masters in Data Science?

Education today is a fundamental part of achieving a good quality of life, and what is better than studying something related to technology, which is what advances incredibly every day, offering solutions, products and improvements for daily life. With this, data management has become an area of ​​special interest in the labor field, so a Masters in Data Science is a great option to start a postgraduate degree.

If you already have a career in some area of ​​informatics or computing, a very good option to continue training and updating could be to study a Masters in Data Science, which will help you enter a field of great demand and well paid .

Masters in Data Science
Masters in Data Science

With this postgraduate degree you will be able to become a data scientist, able to direct research projects to extract valuable information from macro data. You will need the skills of technology, mathematics, business and communications, essential to perform analysis of any type.

Summing up, the science of data is from the scientific study of data to obtain knowledge. This field combines diverse materials to extract knowledge from massive data sets in order to make informed decisions and predictions.

Some of the advantages of the Maestría Ciencia de Datos are:

  • If they obtain skills to work with Big Data technologies and programming in Python and R.
  • At the end of the master’s degree, you can work in academies, private and public sector
  • The knowledge and skills acquired during training are applied to the production of new knowledge.

As a data scientist you can collect, analyze and interpret macro data to discover patterns and information, make predictions and create actionable plans. Macrodata can be defined as sets of data that have a greater variety, volume and speed than what the previous methods of data administration were equipped to handle.

As mentioned, data science has gained too much importance in recent years, being a focus of attention for many organizations worldwide.

Because of this, to count with a master’s degree in Data Science, if you can have a job panorama in the national and international market, because you are a professional highly required in all economic sectors.

Some of the areas of work can be:

  • Construction of data visualization systems
  • Business intelligence and data management
  • Management of large data bases

The professional will have the capacity to perform within diverse sectors and companies related to the management of natural resources, environmental protection, health, energy, communications, transportation, sustainable development, statistics and geography, education, science, economics, social development and technological, security, among muchos otros.

If you are thinking of studying a postgraduate degree in data science, don’t hesitate and start forging your future in this great professional area.

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