Why is it better to use fiber optics for an Internet connection?

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In recent years, business and home Internet connections have evolved to the use of fiber optics, with which greater speed of data transmission and reception is obtained, thus improving the needs of people to use a high-speed connection.

Optical fiber is a flexible, transparent fiber that is obtained by embedding or extruding glass or plastic in a diameter a little thicker than that of a human hair.

In general, FO is used more commonly as a medium to transmit light between two ends of a fiber and has a wide use in communications, allowing the transmission in distances and with a head of band larger than the electric cables.

Many telecommunications companies are now opting to offer fiber optic services in their packages for the home, either fiber optic or integrating other services such as television or telephone.

The optical fiber is used in telecommunications networks due to the fact that for its flexibility, the optical conductors can be grouped together forming cables. The fibers used for this can be made of plastic or glass and some times of the two types. Due to the low attenuation they have, glass fibers are used in interurban environments.


The basic principles of the operation of fiber optics are justified by applying the laws of geometric optics, especially the law of refraction (principle of total internal reflection) and Snell’s law.

Its operation is based on transmitting a beam of light from the core of the fiber, which does not pass through the coating, but is reflected and propagated. This can be achieved if the index of refraction of the nucleus is greater than the index of refraction of the coating, and also if the angle of incidence is greater than the limit angle.

Advantages of using FO

  • By having a very wide bandwidth, it allows very high flows, of the order of GHz.
  • Occupy little space.
  • Too light, the weight is of the order of a few grams per kilometer.
  • It is totally immune to electromagnetic disturbances, which implies a better quality of transmission, since the signal is immune to storms and other factors that cause noise in electrical cables.
  • It is very safe, because the intrusion into an optical fiber is easily detectable due to the weakening of the light energy in reception, and it does not radiate anything.
  • No productive interferences.
  • among others

A fiber optic cable is composed of a group of fibers from which light signals are transmitted. The optical fibers share their space with aramid filaments that give them the necessary resistance to traction.

This type of cables provides an alternative to coaxial cables in the electronics and telecommunications industry.

This is because its adoption in the Internet area has grown so much, reaching even homes, not just companies, which improves the quality of Internet browsing when it is used to visualize multimedia content or download large files.

If you are thinking of contracting an Internet service, the best option will be the use of optical fiber, unless your needs require a high-speed connection.

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