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Although the company itself is facing all attacks on the part of Telegram and the users are migrating to the rival platform, Whatsapp is doing everything possible to understand how its new policies work, ensuring that they do not access the data of our conversations personal data of their users, for what they are working hard for their publicity and fix their error quickly.

In that the platform itself intends to encourage users to stay, they are launching new improvements and this is the time for the Windows 10 version as the first participant in obtaining them (and little by little for the universal web edition). In addition to the improvements and corrections of usual bugs and adding stability to the same applications and the infrastructure.

Video calls and calls

They are the new features to be integrated in the editions outside of the mobiles that will allow a floating window that can be moved at will to do everything comfortably without sacrificing a lot of space in your workstation and will clearly only work with the paired phone, in which case estima ya algunos usuarios pueden usar éstas nuevas funcionalitas descargando la ultima versión de escritorio desde la página official web or from the Windows Storethe connectivity is still very stable according to the news in the official blog.

Every day the competition is more platforms of messaging are still competing between themselves and to see how users interact and think about this war between security, privacy and comfort makes many people aware of the scandal.

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