what it is, how it works and what you can do with the search engine’s artificial intelligence chat

Let’s explain how is and how does the new Bing browser Chat function work? from Microsoft, a chatbot implemented for IA. For this, Microsoft has trusted OpenAI, developers of ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus, to implement a conversational system inside the browser that promises to be included better than its own.

Let’s start by explaining what Bing’s Chat function is, which integrates artificial intelligence. Then, we will tell you how they work inside and how you can sign up for the waiting list to try it, and we will end by reviewing the little we know about what you can do with it, although when we know more we will update the article to give you all the information.

What is Bing’s Chat function?

Bing is from the name of Microsoft’s search engine, which is the alternative to Google created many years ago by the Windows developer company. It has always been pretty much in the background because it can’t get results as refined as Google, although it has interesting functions and in some concrete points it can be better than the competition.

However, Microsoft knew that its search engine needed improvement, and taking advantage of the chat boom with artificial intelligence to announce a series of improvements for Bing. ChatGPT was already threatening Google and other search engines with its functions, and now Microsoft has implemented it directly on its own. Well, not exactly ChatGPT, but a brother.

In addition to promising an improvement in search results, Bing now has a new function called Chat, which is a conversational engine with which you can interact with natural language. The idea is que puedas hacerle preguntas complejas y ie corresponding in a more developed manner of what the conventional search engines do.

This is what Microsoft is trying to do search traditional searches with a conversational format, so that in the same search engine you have both things. It is no longer going to be something similar to what Google is planning with its Bard, an IA announced already but which still hasn’t arrived.

How does Bing Chat work?


Bing has implemented in its chat function an LLM (Large Language Mode or Modo de Lenguaje Largo), which has a site developed for OpenAI itself, which is the company that created ChatGPT. They have focused on the area of ​​searches, so it is not expected to have as many functions as ChatGPT.

What we know is that This system is even more powerful than the one used by the actual ChatGPT. In addition to this, Bing also has a new form of work that they have called “Prometheus model”, y que mejora la relevanza de las respuestas que ofrece, las anota y las actualizados. Let’s go, that the chat and its answers are evolving and actualizing.

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In addition to this, Bing’s central search index has also improved, as they have added an artificial intelligence model to the core of their search algorithm. This is for normal searches, and Microsoft says that it is a major jump in the relevance of results never logged in a search engine.

This conversational artificial intelligence will be in the Bing search engine, but It will also be implemented in the Microsoft Edge browser in a lateral bar. This will allow the browser to also implement ChatGPT functions, such as summarizing documents.

This brother of ChatGPT para Bing applies a method to avoid inappropriate responses and biased results, which is a model to react to changes in the world. It’s like if the AI ​​itself were testing itself with respect to the social context to avoid giving inadequate answers or responding to topics that are considered toxic and inappropriate.

From Bing’s AI model too if it will be updated constantly thanks to this system, thus preventing it from happening like ChatGPT, which depends on the data with which it was trained in 2021, and which have already become obsolete in some cases.

How to use Bing chat

Bing Chat

Currently, you need to enter a waiting list to start using the Chat function from Bing. To do it, you have to go to Bing.com, the official website of the search engine, and in the options row above click on the option Chat.

This will take you directly to Bing’s IA chat, but you still haven’t activated it You will have to press a button to add your Microsoft account to the list of hope When you do it, you will only have to wait until it is active.

Mass Speed

If you want to advance positions in the waiting list, you will have a higher priority by doing it with your Microsoft account, or by establishing Microsoft’s native options on your PC, such as using Edge and Bing by default on a PC. It is also recommended to download the Bing application to advance posts. When it’s your turn, Microsoft will send you an email to notify you.

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Qué puedes hacer con el Chat de Bing

Hope List

The new Bing now has a new page, in which it introduces a new search field with capacity of up to 1,000 characters. This means that you will be able to perform long searches and with complex language, and that when you have Bing Chat activated you will be able to understand what you have asked.

Until we can test the Bing Chat, we will not be able to know all the functions. However, Microsoft has emphasized three concrete options What will this chat offer:

  • Complete answers. Bing will review the websites of your searches to summarize answers, and that so you can have all the information without having to go into different articles
  • creative help Bing will offer you help for topics such as writing an itinerary, a speech, or a job interview. You can also create quizzes for games like Trivial. All this so that you have complex answers and that you really have creative ideas for what you need.
  • New chat experience. Bing Chat will not work as much for keywords as for normal searches. You will not need to write “oferta telefónica” to see the latest offers. Instead, it will work for Prompts, which are longer phrases that include variants, and that Bing’s AI can understand and interpret them. Vamos, no usas palabras clave, sino preguntas completas.

The most important thing is the creative help of the chat, since Microsoft has offered a couple of examples. For example, you can ask him to generate a menu with some options that you ask for, and you can also ask him to make recipes to make use of specific ingredients.

También es de esperar que from Bing Chat you can make all kinds of suggestions in cuanto a composition de textos por ti, o cambiar el tono o la manera en la que estos textsos están escritos. You can also search for information in a more rapid and extensive way, or ask them to make summaries of specific topics. It is possible that you can perform many of the functions of ChatGPT.

And when you do a normal search in Bing, a chat box will appear to the right of the search results, with which you can interact with Bing’s ChatGPT from the results page itself. Therefore, is a hybrid system que te puede ayudar con los results.

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In addition, Bing’s AI will interact with the page you are visiting thanks to which it will also be implemented directly in Edge. For example, if you’re on a social network, you can ask Bing to write a post about a topic you want.

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