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What is skimming? – Blog

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Skimming is the collection of information from bank cards at the time of some transaction, with the purpose of reproducing or cloning the credit or debit card for subsequent fraudulent use. If it’s about copying the magnetic strip.

In general, skimming is carried out in restaurants, bars, gas stations or automatic teller machines, where a criminal accomplice has the victim’s card in his possession to make a payment, unless the owner, if found out, makes a copy of the magnetic stripe with from the simple fact of passing the card for a device.

In the case of skimming in automatic teller machines, the offender places a device and sometimes, accompanied by a micro camera for record the user’s PIN code.

If you place a device in the pocket similar to the original, either a keyboard or a card reader, sometimes both, by means of a complete case on top of the cash register.

When this happens, the fraudster is always at a small distance from the cash register, so he can go to his devices and the information collected when one or few people have used the cash register.
Ante esto, han aparecido anti-skimming systems, which encrypts or codifies the information found in the magnetic strip to avoid card cloning fraud.

Also, some ATM manufacturers have created anti skimming systems, which allow in some cases to block card entry when they detect a device in the card reader slot.

Some tips to avoid this sound, in the case of payment in commerce, never lose sight of the cardto ask the waiter to lift the terminal to the table, or to watch out for the person who collects, always keeping the terminal and the card in sight.

In the case of cash registers, verify that the keyboard and card reader are not overlapping, that there are no separate edges or anything out of the ordinary.

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