What are the new trends in electronic commerce with payment gateways?

In recent years we have seen how electronic commerce and electronic forms of payment have increased on the Internet, and even better, in physical stores where it is now possible to pay from a cell phone without having to use cash or including a credit card.

Payment gateways are currently on the rise, as they help businesses to offer a simple and secure form of payment that is being accepted by people with major problems.

What is a payment gateway?

The payment gateway is a service provided by a provider of electronic commerce application services, with which electronic (online) or physical transactions can be authorized.

It could be said that the payment gateways are equivalent to a physical point of sale terminal (TVP) located in most physical stores.

It should be mentioned that payment gateways have important security at the time of making transactions, with the aim of protecting the user’s personal and banking information. It is through the encryption of data, like the number of a credit card, among others.

There are several companies that offer a payment gateway service, one of the most notorious is PayPal. However, there are other companies that are gaining more users due to their better performance, lower commissions, ease of use and security.

One of these companies is PayProwhich has many positive opinions on the Internet, which gives greater confidence when performing operations with this provider.

“When I started working at PayPro Latam, I wasn’t sure I could handle the emotions that online payment gateway companies often experience. I was from another similar company, but it doesn’t have many good places to rest, and more than that, they trained me in this type of education about using the platform to provide good services to clients. In the other company, I had to study for my account on YouTube, or I had to pay for a part-time digital education course, but in PayPro Latam no. I hope to be able to continue with what he learned during this very profitable journey», said Carolina Sánchez in an Internet post.

The Pay Pro payment gateway offers solutions that adjust to the needs of each client, as well as having several commercial partners, business brands and intelligent solutions for their clients.

Among the features offered by Pay Pro are:

  • Instant activation
  • Easy integration
  • Pushing for API
  • Simple prices
  • El mejor soporte
  • Administration panel

In addition, it is possible to take advantage of the wide variety of digital payment methods offered by Pay Pro.

Its use is very simple, just activate and make transactions in just 2 minutes. If required, you can integrate and use Pay Pro in less than an hour, with the help of add-ons on the main platforms.

It has an administration panel that offers real-time data so that the client can make the best commercial decisions.

So if you’re looking for a solution to integrate a payment gateway into your business, this is an excellent option.

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