We have tried to try the new Bing with integrated ChatGPT: it’s time to be patient

Yesterday, Microsoft started a new era: artificial intelligence integrated into its search engine and browser. The new Bing with integrated ChatGPT is a total attack against the absolute dominance of the search engine of a Google that will announce news in this regard today. Microsoft officials indicated that the new Bing could be tested gradually.

El nuevo buscador está, but it doesn’t do what you hope. That is the big conclusion for now. If you connect to www.bing.com, the new search page appears in which a large text field with up to 1,000 characters theoretically allows you to ask any question. Below there are some suggestions for possible questions and two buttons to start testing the new browser and expand.

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Is the Earth round? More clearly, water.

Esto sigue siendo el viejo Bing. You can try to ask questions both in English and Spanish, but for now what will appear will be a page of results with a list of links in a large central block, and a block with some answers and highlighted links in the form of cards on the right. there is a conversational engine here, there is no chatbot as such we have the possibility of following the answers.

But you can sign up for new Bing. Those interested in trying the new search engine as early as possible can sign up for that experience at www.bing.com/new, the URL in which Microsoft explains in more detail what the new search engine consists of, which in addition to offering the that offered by the traditional search engine, also offers the ability to “chat and create”.


How to try it before possible. According to Microsoft, users who want to advance positions in that waiting list will have a higher priority if they sign up with their Microsoft account, establish Microsoft’s native options on their PC – how to use Microsoft Edge and Bing by default as a browser in the browser – and download the Bing application. Microsoft will notify us that we have access to the new Bing with an electronic mail to our Microsoft account.

What’s wrong with Microsoft Edge? El navegador de los de Redmond will also integrate these functions and yesterday they indicated that it was possible to test them by downloading the versions of the development channel.


From the new Microsoft Edge (Dev channel) in Windows 11, with the Bing button in the upper right.

We have done it in Windows 11 and indeed the design of the browser changes slightly with more rounded corners and, above all, with a new button in the upper right part with the Bing logo. When clicking on it, the warning appears that we will need to wait to access this function, and that we will be able to sign up to the list again if we have not done so to try to access it before.

Toca esperar. So, the new Bing options will come, but they will do so gradually and we will have to be patient. The integration of these artificial intelligence options comes from the hand of OpenAI.

Chatear con Bing will (theoretically) be better than ChatGPT. The LLM (Large Language Model) used in Bing is new and according to Microsoft “even more powerful than ChatGPT”. This includes more relevant and recent answers, although Microsoft acknowledges that “the IA can commit errors, and the content of third parties cannot be always accurate or reliable”.

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