Visual Basic: from Microsoft’s programming language for desktop and web applications

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Visual Basic is a high-level programming language designed by Microsoft for the development of desktop and web applications. It was launched for the first time in 1991 and since then it has been a popular tool for creating programs for Windows.

One of the main advantages of Visual Basic is its ease of use. Its syntax is very similar to natural language, which makes it very accessible to people who have no programming experience. In addition, its integrated development environment (IDE) offers many useful tools to facilitate the creation of programs, such as the debugger, the form designer and the integrated help.

Another advantage of Visual Basic is that it is an object-oriented language, which means that it allows the creation of objects that contain both data and methods. This makes it easier to understand and maintain the code as programs grow in size and complexity.

Visual Basic is also very popular due to its wide availability of libraries of functions and controls. Microsoft has provided a large number of tools and resources so that developers can create high-quality applications in a faster and more efficient way.

As for the applications that can be created with Visual Basic, they are diverse. From database applications to games, to calculation programs, inventory management applications, etc.

Sin embargo, no todo son ventajas. Visual Basic also has some limitations. For example, it is not a very adequate language for the development of highly complex web applications. In addition, despite being a high-level programming language, it can be less efficient than other lower languages ​​in terms of execution speed.

Therefore, Visual Basic is a very useful programming language for the creation of simple and moderately complex desktop and web applications. Its ease of use and its wide availability of resources make it a popular tool among developers. Although it has some limitations, it is still an excellent option for those looking to create applications quickly and efficiently, evolving and still being used by many programmers all over the world. Microsoft has released several versions of Visual Basic over the years, the last version is Visual Basic .NET, which is part of the Microsoft .NET Framework development tool set.

Visual Basic .NET is an improved version of Visual Basic that offers many new and improved features. One of the most outstanding features is that it is compatible with complete object-oriented programming, which means that developers can create objects of any type and size. It also includes an improved development environment with more advanced design tools, support for multiple languages ​​and a large number of function libraries.

In addition, Visual Basic .NET is a more efficient language than its predecessor, which means that it is faster in execution and can handle larger and more complex programs. It is also compatible with web programming, which makes it ideal for developing more advanced web applications.

Another important feature of Visual Basic .NET is its compatibility with other Microsoft programming languages, such as C# and F#, which allows developers to work on different projects using different programming languages.

In summary, Visual Basic continues to be a valuable tool for many developers, especially those looking to create simple and moderately complex desktop applications and web applications quickly and efficiently. With the arrival of Visual Basic .NET, the language has evolved to offer more advanced and improved features that make it even more attractive to developers.

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