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Udemy Free: Respectful Feeding for Children

The basis of infant nutrition that every mother/father must always know and apply.

If you want to ensure a good nutritional status of your little one, a healthy growth rate, a strong immune system, you don’t need to know how to prepare and make it. If we don’t know how to act at the table on those days when we don’t eat anything, we can create a lot of stress around meals. There are days in which we do not come and this can result in threats, distractions with the screen, bribes and all kinds of emotional strategies to keep us awake. The results of these behaviors extended over time are unpleasant.

In this course we will learn to define respectful food, how to detect the social pressure that we can be suffering, put us in the shoes of our little one, the consequences of not carrying an AR and how we can apply this philosophy at the table day after day. Put yourself in your skin – understand the differences in nutritional needs, physical development and psychological and emotional situation in order to make sure what and how we offer.

Let’s define what the window of curiosity is, when it opens and when it closes, and how to identify it in order to make the most of it. We will learn to give an example at the table, how to convert eating hours into entertaining nutrition and how to respond to signs of hunger and satiety

Let’s create a harmonious and peaceful environment in family meals, the basis of all family happiness!

The basis of infant nutrition that every mother/father must know and apply ALWAYS.”

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