todo lo que sabemos de Meta’s new social network

Twitter is a social network that has a very specific niche of users, users that generally only use this social network to offer a different form of information where multimedia content is not a priority like on Facebook or Instagram. Since Twitter passed into the hands of Elon Musk, many changes have been made to the platform, some for the better and others for the worse, forcing many users to look for alternativesMastodon being the most popular of all.

The users who have been on Twitter for many years, we have gotten used to this platform and although Mastodon has become the best alternative, it has not managed to captivate the users who continue to be faithful to Twitter and who have the hope that everything is a bad dream. . The problem is that, if it is too late to happen, it is likely that it will be too late, if we take into account that the group Meta is about to launch a a new alternative to Twitter.

Meta announced a few months ago that it was working on a new social network based on small text messages, but, unlike Twitter and Facebook, the operation will be more similar to Mastodon, a decentralized network, so it will work through different servers that will have different levels of moderation, which can be an advantage at the same time as a problem. Although we don’t know its name, what we do know is how its logo will be, according to application security researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. If we make a case of the rumors, this application could be called Barcelonaaunque también es probabil que se trate del nombre en fase de pruebas y no el final.

Alternative from Facebook to Twitter

The main person responsible for this platform will be Adam Mosseri, so it is more than likely that this new alternative to Twitter is the same as Instagram, but only showing text messages. And, although they will be independent, if you can access using accounts from this platform, it will not be a requirement.

Various sources point to the fact that Meta is working with people including people from all sectors so that when a new platform is launched, users who want to try it can start doing it, having people to follow, and finally, that’s what if treated

It’s a social network no tiene gente relevante a la que seguirusers are not interested in creating an account and starting to use it, which is, more or less, what has happened to Mastodon, a social network that experienced spectacular growth with the arrival of Elon Musk, but which has not managed to attract a gente importante de todos los sectors para que los usuarios se creen cuentas y dejen de utilizar Twitter.

Regarding the possible release date, several sources point to that will be in July when the group Meta presents a new alternative to Twitter, a new alternative that, if it is more of the same and behind still encountering Meta, will not attract users who are still dissatisfied with Twitter but who are still loyal to the platform.

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