todas las formas de ver cuándo hay nuevos

Social networks were born with the objective of allowing users to share their most important moments with friends and family. Conforme han ido pasando los años y para que los usuarios sigan teneido una motivation to use them a diary, if implemented by the States, states that allow users to upload a video or image of a concrete moment of their day to day, although not all use them with the same purpose. In fact, some of us know that this option exists.

Los estados initially reached the social networks and, seeing the success they were having, Meta decided that it would be a good idea to implement it in WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in the world.

At the time of its launch, to know the status of our contacts through WhatsApp, we had to access the Status tab inside the application. But, since a little more than a year ago, this information is also shown through the image that is shown in our chats of the application through a green circle. If you like to see the statuses of all the users with whom you share messages, we have them different ways of doing it para no perdernos ninguno.

What are the WhatsApp statuses?

The statuses of WhatsApp allow us to share texts, photos, videos and files in GIF format that, after 24 hours have passed since their publication, they disappear automatically from our profile without the possibility of returning to access them. We can use any type of content that we have stored in our device to share our status.

Within the configuration options of the application, WhatsApp allows us to establish different privacy options to limit the scope of our statuses. By default, the application does not allow us to share our status with anyone, so if we want to start using this functionality, this is the first thing we must do.

Desde el mobile

From the application for mobile devices, WhatsApp allows us to access the statuses of our contacts through two methods. El primero consists of accessing the status tab. In this section, all the contacts that have modified their status are shown including an image or video, a section that allows us to review all the contacts from our agenda, even if we have not initiated a conversation.

Another method that WhatsApp makes available to us to see the WhatsApp statuses of the contacts with whom we have created a conversation is to click on the profile image. All users who have a new status will see a green circle in their profile to indicate their existence.

With the application for Windows and the web version

WhatsApp also allows us to check the WhatsApp statuses of our contacts using the application available for Windows and the web version, which are basically the same in terms of design and functionality. From the application for Windows and the web version, this messaging platform offers two methods.

The first method consists of clicking on the icon located just to the right of the one that allows us to access the communities. If some of our contacts have published a new status, this icon will show a lace of green color informándos de que encuentra nuevo contenido disponible.

It will be WhatsApp

Another way to know if any of the contacts with whom we have an open conversation has changed their status, is through the green circle that is shown around their image in the conversation history.

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