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TikTok doesn’t just want to focus on videos, from now on you can publish and share texts

But as is the case with most platforms of these characteristics, the comment does not only want to focus on one type of content. What is being sought is to extend the field of action of the creators so that they have a greater quantity of possibilities to share. Hence precisely the news that has just reached the last update of the official application of TikTok.

In fact, their top managers have the healthy intention of offering new tools and media with the aim of enhancing the creativity of users. That’s why a new function has just been integrated that will possibly be liked by many. In concrete terms we will refer to a new format of publications centered on the texts. Seguro que muchos de vosotros ya sabéis que TikTok it is characterized by videos, but now we also offer the possibility of creating content based on the mentioned texts.

There is no doubt that the options available for creators to share their ideas and express their ideas in another way if they need it, are widening.

It goes without saying that this new functionality that we are talking about allows the regulars of the platform to share content in a totally different way. The possibility of sharing texts opens a wide range of possibilities that many people will be sure to take advantage of. In addition, this characteristic gives us a good quantity of formats and additional elements that will accompany the texts that we commented on.

How to create and share text posts on TikTok

In addition, we must keep in mind that all this can be done in an extremely simple and intuitive way, as is the case with videos. In principle and to be able to take advantage of this new functionality, it is important that we update the official application of the social network to its latest version. From there, all we have to do is click on the + button to add conventional content.

text tiktok

The news is that now we find ourselves with a new entry that precisely reads Text so that we can begin with it design of our publication. When selecting this new option on the screen, the text creation page will appear where we will have the possibility to write from the content of the publication.

At the same time as it could not be otherwise, we found multiple options that would allow us customize this new content. Among them we can highlight that we will have the possibility to add sounds, use stickers, label a location, enable comments and allow duets and more. All this allows us that there are text publications that are just as interactive as video publications to which we are accustomed.

text format

We will also be able to specify and choose between different sources, choose foundation colors para que estas pubicaciones de texto sean más llamativas, o adder tags y hashtags. Evidently, this will play a key role in our creativity.

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