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Satya Nadella was clear in his introduction to today’s Microsoft event. “We are using intelligence on automatic pilot,” he said. Now, añadía, we will passaremos a usarla “como un copilot”.

Eso daba pie al anuncio oficial de Microsoft 365 Copilota new component that takes advantage of the power of ChatGPT and is integrated into the different applications and services of Microsoft 365. From the objective: that this “copilot” will do a good part of the work for you and help you to take advantage more and better of each one of them Microsoft office tools.

Reinventing productivity

As explained in Microsoft, it is a system combining three large elements. For one plate, the Microsoft 365 applications (Word, Excel, etc). For another, from the so-called Microsoft Graph (this data, emails, chats, calendar, etc). And for the last, an LLM (Large Language Model) that is responsible for understanding the context and those elements for, a través de una petition del usuario (prompt) resuelve esa petition.

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Thanks to the ChatGPT integration en las applications de Microsoft Office 365 y al uso de esos datos, Microsoft promises very interesting options to gain time to time in all types of tasks.

Copilot behaves like a diligent assistant in what we can delegate and that knows so much of our data as it is an application for sacking everything from the yoke. In Microsoft they pointed out how the majority of users habitually take advantage of approximately 10% of the possibilities of PowerPoint: with Copilot it is possible to get much more out of this tool, and the same for the rest.

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Copilot can be launched from all Office applications, and for example it is capable of:

  • Word. Aquí se puede encargar por ejemplo de escribir draftadores de documents que están basado en otros ficheros de nuestros datos. It is also in charge of editing (including rewriting parts of a DOC) or summarizing documents to save time. An example of its application would be to say to Copilot: “make the third paragraph more concise and change the tone of the document so that it is more informal”.
  • Excel. It is capable of extracting information from these data so that we can ask questions about this information in natural language. It can reveal correlations, propose hypothetical scenarios or suggest new formulas. We could request for example pedirle que nos diera un resumen de las ventas per type y channel and insert a table in respect of it.
  • Powerpoint. With Copilot it is possible to transform written documents into slides and even include the notes of an event from which that presentation is generated for each slide. An example of its application: “reformatea estos tres puntos en tres columns, cada una con una imagen”.
  • Outlook. Here is “copilot” able to summarize threads of conversations from different mails or create drafts of responses automatically. We could also order for example “inviting everyone from the world to an informal meeting to talk about new releases from Thursday to mid-day mentioning that a small cocktail will be offered”.
  • Teams. Copilot puede transcribe meetings, recordarte details que te puedes haber perdido si llegaste tarde, or resumir the meeting and generate an report on what was debated. It is also capable of preparing the points that you must address in a meeting from previous documents that you indicate.

In addition to this help, Microsoft is preparing an appeal Business Chata kind of chatbot integrated in Microsoft 365 applications that makes use of the Microsoft Graph to gather documents, presentations, emails, notes or contacts and, from them, generate all types of summaries and reports.

This chatbot could, for example, summarize chats, emails or documents about an event that occurred last night to quickly bring us up to date, or inform us of what is the next hit of a certain project, what obstacles we face to reach it and what we can do hacer para superarlos

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The Microsoft managers recognized that Copilot is not perfect and may make errors, but the options for making mistakes are in this case more limited because the execution of Copilot is restricted to our data with that process that they called “grounding”, from llevar a tierra todos esos datos. They also insisted on how they worked to refine their behavior to avoid (or at least minimize) that “hallucine”.

As they say in Microsoft, “we’re going to make mistakes“, but they will work on correcting them as early as possible and for them it is important to iterate constantly to improve and polish the behavior of this new artificial intelligence system.

Availability of Microsoft 365 Copilot

The new artificial intelligence assistant is still implanting itself in a closed beta. In fact, Microsoft is talking about a preliminary trial with 20 clients -8 of them from the Fortune 500 list-. From there, Microsoft indicates that they will expand this preliminary version to more clients “in the next few months”.

No se han dado datos sobre el price that will have Copilot, and only indicate that the cost of these options will be communicated together with more details also “in the next few months”. The productivity revolution will apparently not be included in the normal Microsoft 365 subscription, and you will probably have to pay extra to be able to access these options.

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