these chats will be much more private

Meta is constantly improving its messaging client, WhatsApp, to be able to maintain its users. Durante mucho tiempo, este programa ha vivido su fama y las rentas, dejando la innovation un poco lado y permitiendo que otras alternatives, como Telegram, le mieran el terreno. Luckily, right now, the development of this messaging client is more alive than ever, and every little time we can find improvements and new functions of all kinds that encourage us to continue using this messaging client instead of jumping to other alternatives

The expected function of the notes of voice

We will communicate for note of voice it’s something more normal. It is much easier and faster to send an audio than to write a message, especially when we want to say something very long. In addition, Meta has facilitated the communication of this form, for example, allowing us to accelerate the reproduction of the voice notes when we are going to listen.

Ahora, tal como muestra el portal WABetaInfo, users of the beta version of Android can now try one of the most anticipated novelties of WhatsApp for this year: las notas de voz temporales. This function will allow us to send audios that can only be heard once and that, when done, they disappear automatically from the chat.

Temporary WhatsApp voice notes

Similar to photos and videos, to send a temporary voice note simply press the microphone icon and hold it down while the message is being recorded. Al acabar, lo que tenemos que hacer es marcar el una sola escucha icono, which will appear next to the send button. In this way, the audio will be sent with the typical icon that indicates that it can only be played once.

When we receive temporary audio, we can see from the symbol of this, but we will not be able to know the duration or the wave of the sound. When you click on this audio, it will be played and when it ends, it will be deleted automatically. If we leave the chat before listening to the audio, it will be available until we hear it.

Improving the privacy of WhatsApp

This option is in addition to the existing one that allows us send photos and videos that can only be seen once y que, al hacerlo, se eliminan automático del chat del receptor. These temporary voice notes are designed to increase the privacy and security of conversations, preventing the person who receives them from being able to save the audio or forward it to other people. Therefore, they are useful for sending sensitive or confidential information that we do not want to be recorded in the chat.

Yes, just like with photos and videos, we must always be careful with what we send on WhatsApp and to whom we send it, because there are always ways to capture this information, for example, by recording it from another device when we listen to it.

This function is still under development, and will be available to all WhatsApp users in a future update, although at the moment we do not know when it will be. Only we are waiting (surely not much) hasta to meet with this function.

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