There are 4 Artificial Intelligences for games that will surprise gamers

Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligence has been with us for many years, it has not been until a few months ago that they really opened up to the public and each time it is easier to access them, although we have to pay to use some of them. The AI, not only allows us to generate images and text based on a description, but we can also find them in the world of video games.

If you want to enjoy what Artificial Intelligence is capable of doing in the world of video games, as much if you want to dedicate yourself professionally to this sector as if you only want to have a good time, then we show you 4 ideal AIs.

Friends and Fables

It is an AI for those who love role-playing video games like Dungeons and Dragons and where we have the ability to build histories and create new worlds. Friends and Fables is a Dungeon Master bot available for Discord and pushing for an AI whose function is to revolutionize the way players experience their adventures. Esta IA combines technology with the best storytelling to create game experiences that immerse the players in a world created according to our tastes. We can access this IA via the following link.

Friends and Fables


It is a simulator of virtual pets that allows users to experience the commitment to create and care for an animal with very realistic graphics and high playability, being ideal both for children and adults. We can choose between a large number of breeds, each with a completely different behavior and personality and we can interact with them in all types of situations. This IA is available through here.

AI Dungeon 2

This IA is a text adventure game that uses both Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to be an ideal tool for generating all types of stories, being able to generate all types of narratives based on the user’s instructions. We can use this tool for free with limitations. If we want to withdraw from the maximum party, we will have to pass through the cash register and use some of the different payment plans that are available to us through this link.

AI Dungeon

AI War 2

AI War 2 is a real-time strategy game where we have to face a large number of enemies generated and controlled by Artificial Intelligence through worlds created by AI and where we must make every move always thinking of the repercussions that can tener en un future y donde debemos solver todo type de desafios y obstacados. AI War 2 is available from its website.

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