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the two best alternatives to do it with OpenAI and Bing

Let’s explain the ways you can use ChatGPT in mobile, para que puedas llevarlo siempre contigo. Let’s go to the methods to use the official ChatGPT for free, starting with ChatGPT Plus and alternatives like ChatGPT in WhatsApp via a bot.

Nosotros te vamos a proponer the two most simple resources that there areon the one hand the official web that you will be able to use from the mobile browser, and on the other hand Bing Chat, which is the version of Bing with ChatGPT that has started to be carried over to the Bing mobile app.

The official website of ChatGPT is useful

Web Openai

The first thing you can do is use ChatGPT directly on your mobile via its official website, which is Aquí, you should know that you will need to create a user account in the OpenAI portal to be able to use the tool, something that will also give you access to other artificial intelligences of the company like DALL-E.


When you log in to your account on the ChatGPT website, you can start using it. In the welcome screen you will be told the limitations del servicio, que son que se entrenó con data de 2021, o que no tienes que fiarte siempre del todo de la informationa, porque en algunos casos puede serrónea o dañina.

Ask A Chatgpt

Y aquí, lo que tienes que hacer es empezar a usar el campo de escritura to introduce the commands. Simply, write what you want to know with a natural language and press the send button. In a few seconds the chat will generate a response.

ChatGPT in Bing Chat

Hope List

The Bing mobile application has started to update to add the Chat function. This function is based on ChatGPT, but in a more advanced version than the one found on the official website of this artificial intelligence. The bad news is that aún no está disponible para todos, and that you must sign up for the waiting list to activate it in your Microsoft account. Para ello, in the web of Bing pulses in More informationy pulses in Open and unite to go to the wish list.

Bing boot

Once you have it activated, the only thing you have to do is download the Bing app on your mobile, available in the iOS App Store and Android Google Play. Once you are inside the Bing app and you have signed in with your account where the new function is activated, click on the button with the Bing logo que tienes en parte central de barra inferior.

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Write In Bing

Now, you can start using ChatGPT through Bing Chat on your mobile. The only thing you have to do is escribir lo que le quieras preguntar with a natural language, and you will receive the answers.

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