The official application of ChatGPT is already available for Android, forget the imitations

Surely many of you have already gotten used to using this Artificial Intelligence through the corresponding official application on the PC. But the company developing it wants to facilitate things and that we can use its proposal in any place and device. In fact, at the beginning of this year 2023, the official ChatGPT application was launched for mobile devices based on Apple’s iOS system.

It is worth mentioning that since the beginning, a multitude of habitual users of these devices from the Apple company have started using this app. Y es que poder utilizar su favorite project centered on AI directly from the mobile, ofrece muchas vantageas. However, users of mobile devices based on Google’s Android, which for sure are the great majority, were not able to benefit from all of this. Paro ahora la cosa está cambiando in este sentido, tal y como os vamos contar a contado.

When the application was launched on iOS, It was not available on Android, but that will change now. We count everything due to the fact that the official app of ChatGPT finally appears in the official store, the Google Play Store. Eso sí, despite everything we have told us, in this precise instant we still cannot download it, although we can prepare the mobile for its arrival shortly.

How to prepare the installation of ChatGPT on Android

Basically what we want to say is that we have the possibility to search and locate ChatGPT in the store Access the application page. Next, we will have the possibility to register in the same so that it is installed automatically when the app is finally available. This means that the application cannot be downloaded at the moment, but everything indicates that we should be able to do it in the next few days.

chatgpt android

In addition to prepare our terminal with Android so that the official app of ChatGPT reaches us automatically, its developers have also added some screenshots. This will allow us to have an idea of ​​how the interface of the official application of the AI ​​in Android will be. In these instants we can confirm that said interface is very similar, to say the least, to the official iOS application.

One of the main characteristics that we present from the aspect of this is the simplicity of use, as is the case with the proposal for computer equipment. Ahora bien, una vez que we have registered and prepared our mobile terminal, it comes from the moment of asking when we will have it possibility to download and install it. Well, everything indicates that this will be possible in just a few days, although as we say and after the registration that we just made, the process will be carried out automatically with just a click on the Install button.


Although the release date has not yet been made official, since the page has already been prepared in the official Android store, it is sure not to be expected.

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