The new Google icon was designed in 2008, according to the original creator

Share on social networks – A Russian designer, named Denis Kortunov, claims that he is the creator of the new Google icon, the letter G of four letters.

In the year 2008, Marissa Mayer made a fairly considerable branding change, when she changed the icon that was the uppercase letter G to the same lowercase letter in blue, the same one that could be seen in the favicon of the search engine and in all services and Google applications.

Denis Kortunov, among other people, criticized the change of image, Kortunov, who was working at that time in his studio, Turbomilk, in Moscow, criticized the following:

“I am totally against the redesign of Google’s favicon. The purpose of a favicon is to represent a site in your browser. The letter “g” of the new icon represents a sixth part of Google’s corporate identity (I refer to the number of letters in the logo). The old icon worked better in this sense because it was the first letter of the number. The new icon is the fourth letter of the word Google. The “g” has a nice blue color, but the Google logo uses four different colors, and the blue used in the icon is different from the logo. There is no direct association with”.

And in addition, the Russian believed that Google needed a “symbol that represented its corporate identity”, so that it set out to design a new icon, knowing that it would be identical to the one that Google adopted in 2015.


This new design by Google differs from the one created by Denis in four elements, in terms of thickness, order of colors, the proportion of the color on the left and the comma of the G is larger in the Google logo.

Denis extracted the four colors from the complete logo and placed them all in a capital letter G.

According to DailyTech, from the article where Denis explained the process of his creation, he mysteriously disappeared, perhaps at the request of Google. Sin embargo, the original text can be found on or on this Russian site.

According to Gizmodo, Google contacted Denis two months ago, because Google obviously knew about the design that was created in 2008.

Denis has never worked for Google and has formed part of the new image development team, now he works for a computer company called Acronis.

Denis assured that he loves the new Google logo, even though it is not the one he created previously, and that is due to the fact that he is a big fan of the Material Design language.

As for the agreement that Denis reached with Google, he doesn’t know anything, because Denis affirmed “I know, but I can’t reveal the details of the agreement”.

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