The most used espionage instruments by the KGB

The Comité para la Seguridad del Estado, better known as the KGB, was the intelligence agency and the main secret police agency of the Soviet Union from March 13, 1954 to November 6, 1991, known for the use of spy products very interesting The domain of the KGB could be compared with that of the CIA or the counterintelligence division of the FBI in the United States.

The KGB was in charge of obtaining and analyzing all the nation’s intelligence information. He disappeared a few weeks before the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Much has been said about the bad practices employed by this committee, including spying on people. If they used different spy products to commit acts of espionage for their rivals, but if it is believed, they were used for other purposes beyond that.

Among the spy products used by the KGB are the following:

  • Cigarros espía: If it is a cigarette case that has a hidden camera, very used by the committee and that presents a lot of ease to pass unnoticed
  • Camera hidden in a book: It is a common book, at least in its physical aspect. Sin embargo, when opening it, you can notice a camera. This artifact is exhibited in the KGB Spy Museum
  • Camera in belt buckle: Another strategy to be able to capture images covertly, hiding a camera in a belt buckle.
  • Spy bolero brush: If it is a shoe brush, when you open it you can observe a recording device.

Today there are a large number of much smaller devices with today’s technology that can go unnoticed and provide superior audio and video quality. There are even online stores that sell products, such as La web del espía, that are of very good quality.

  • Bag with camera: It’s a hand bag designed for female spies, which hides a camera that takes up almost all of the bag’s space.
  • Ring with mini camera: Another spying device, in which you can observe a fairly considerable reduction of the image device.

Among the most notable operations of the KGB, you can find Operation Trust. The OGPU managed to trick many Russian right-wing leaders, counter-revolutionaries and members of the White Movement into returning to the USSR, where they would be judged. The NKVD infiltrated and destroyed Trotskyist groups in 1940. The Spanish Ramón Mercader was the agent who was responsible for the assassination of Trotsky in Mexico City.

In the 1960s, with the information obtained by Anatoli Golitsyn, a deserter from the KGB, from the director of counterintelligence of the CIA, James Jesus Angleton, he believed that the KGB had “topos» in two key places, the CIA and the FBI. The CIA captured some of the alleged leaders, like Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen.

There are many more operations that were carried out using various spying devices using the technology of that time, which could only be financed by this type of organization.

You can search for more information about the KGB museum and if possible, going to visit it could be a great experience.

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