The expectation with GPT-4 is gigantic. His creator is clear about what will happen: it will be a disappointment

With ChatGPT we have been able to verify first hand how far artificial intelligence can reach in a practical context. This engine is based on GPT-3, which was launched in 2020, but since months ago there has been talk of its successor, GPT-4. De hecho, se habla demasiado.

Sam Altman. This early and successful entrepreneur is responsible for OpenAI, the company that developed GPT-3, DALL-E and ChatGPT. He knows better than anyone what to expect from GPT-4, and he has had to go to the gym to try to soften expectations. He did it in a recent meeting in the StrictlyVC event.

We are expecting too much. The CEO of OpenAI wanted to warn us that GPT-4 could end up being a huge disappointment given the huge expectations that many have in the successor to GPT-3. “La gente está pdidiendo a gritos que se la depcione, y eso es lo que pasará”

For the glory of Turing, why is it so difficult to define what is artificial intelligence?  (Captcha 1x01)

Intelligence artificial fuerte. Rumors indicate that GPT-4 could be a huge leap in this field and bring us closer to that strong artificial intelligence that is the holy grail of this field (and that is currently only present in science fiction). Altman explained that “we don’t have that AI, and that’s what we hope for”, as if GPT-4 could be equated with human intelligence.

Ridiculous rumours. Un recently tweeted viral affirmed that in GPT-4 they would compare 100 trillion parameters compared to the 175,000 million of GPT-3. Once again Altman was careful with these expectations and indicated that this date “is a complete stupidity. The rumor mill about GPT-4 is something ridiculous. I don’t know where it came from”.

GPT-4 will arrive when ready. We antes ni después. The CEO of OpenAI did not give details about the release date, and simply explained that “it will come at some point, when we have the confidence that we can launch it in a safe and responsible way”. While this moment is approaching, yes, it might be convenient to reduce expectations, just in case, as Altman says.

Image: TechCrunch

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