The biggest digital migration in history: Telegram vs Whatsapp

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If he continues to emphasize everything that is happening with social networks with great importance, the users decide to take the cards in the matter with their privacy and the data they manage on them, since it is very well known that the new policies of privacy on the part of Whatsapp were too aggressive to choose a user with a very short delivery time.

The company managed by Facebook has shown to be “flexible” and has a bit of regret for such a game, in which it has now come out to explain what they do and what they don’t with your data Official blog before the decline of users who migrated to Signal and Telegram, which exceeded 500 million active users in the world.

Telegram simply announces itself before everything

Durov communicated through his official account in the client that antetodo are honored to be leaders with their transparency, their manipulative algorithms and forced changes:

“We feel honored that political leaders, as well as numerous public organizations, trust Telegram to combat misinformation and spread awareness about important issues in their societies. Unlike other networks, Telegram does not use transparent algorithms to decide whether a subscriber will see the content to which he subscribed or not. As a result, Telegram channels are the only direct way for opinion leaders to connect reliably with their audiences».

Durov explained on his official channel.

For now, the waters of tension, intrigue and harassment from the previous users do not seem to be calming down Whatsappwhich has now extended its period of 3 additional months so that people cancomprender mejor» sus nuevas políticas y que no tienen que preoccuparse sobre sus datos ya que no affecta ningún modo a los consumers.

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