That’s how you can share your mobile screen via WhatsApp with your friends

WhatsApp has become in many countries the tool for everything, to make calls, video calls, send messages, share photos and videos among others. For si fueron cacas las functions que ya ofrece, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is working on adding a new function, funcion que muy few users will use it.

We are talking about the possibility of sharing the screen with other users, a function that comes very late and that can be done from other applications like Skype since many years ago. This new function is integrated within the video calling options and is focused, according to the company, on presenting projects or presentations in addition to simply show the content of our smartphone to others

At the moment this function is in beta phase, so it is only available for a small group of users who have access, so we will have to wait until the release of the final version to be able to start using this function, if it is finally implemented, since it would not be the first time that WhatsApp adds a new function in beta phase and later ends up not introducing it in the final version.

How to share screen with WhatsApp

The operation of this function is very simple and similar to the applications that currently offer this function. The first thing we must do is start a video call with the person with whom we want to share the screen.

Then, once our interlocutor has answered the call, we click on the second icon on the bottom bar represented by a mobile phone with an arrow to the right to access the additional functions offered by the application. From among the different options that are displayed, we must select the option share screen

Share WhatsApp screen

The application will show us a message in which it informs us that it will show the screen of our device with the interlocutor so that we must keep in mind that we will share any sensitive information that is shown. To initiate the process, we will click on Empezar now.

From that moment on, the front camera of our device will stop working and will replace the image for the content of our screen. If we want to leave the screen, we must realize the same process and press enter Dejar de share pantalla.

If we use the application for Windows more habitually, according to the guys from WABetaInfo, we have good news, since this function is also found in base beta in the version for Windows, which will allow us to dispense with other applications that we are habitually using to share the screen.

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