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The technology increases in huge steps every day, bringing new solutions for diverse areas of work and daily life that facilitate work and the needs of each person. Security has greatly benefited from these technological changes that help prevent crimes thanks to new video surveillance technologies.

Having a video surveillance system is no longer a luxury, but a necessity that any person should have. A manufacturer of video surveillance systems can offer multiple solutions for homes or businesses, with the aim of maintaining vigilance throughout the area and being able to prevent robberies, accidents or any other incident.

There are many types of surveillance systems, cameras, functions that allow you to perform various actions such as facial recognition, counting people, motion detection, among others, allowing you to cover the needs of clients.

Some of are sound functionalities:

  • Control of affairs in real time: The control of the number and number of people is a function that could be of much help to many businesses. This solution allows you to manage accounts of multiple areas simultaneously and obtain information related to the influx of clients.
  • Body temperature: Measuring a person’s temperature via video has become a necessity since the COVID19 pandemic, and in addition to this, it is useful for certain companies that need to know this type of person’s date. This solution allows you to know the temperature of people just by passing in front of the camera.
  • License plate recognition (LPR): This solution allows you to automate and control the entry and exit of vehicles to the facilities through the License Plate Recognition System (LPR – License Plate Recognition). In this way, you can maintain control of the vehicles that enter a place and, if necessary, deny access to vehicles that are not authorized to enter.
  • Access control: Another solution very used for companies that need to have control of all employees. Here you also use facial recognition to be able to access the information of the person shown on the camera, if the information of the person is found in the database of employees, for example, if access is provided, on the contrary , no podrĂ¡ acceder

There are only a few of the multiple solutions that can be accessed to contract a video surveillance system. Each solution depends on the needs of the client or the business, so if you are thinking of acquiring a system like the ones mentioned, you can request expert advice to be able to define a solution that best suits your needs.

The video surveillance systems will save a lot of time and effort when it is required to analyze the information of many people, so the investment in the end becomes a necessity that helps to maintain a specific control.

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Neil Barker
Neil Barker
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