renewed Bing with an AI chatbot and a new search engine

Microsoft abuses artificial intelligence. Los de Redmond has just announced the starting point of a strategy that puts the development of products based on this technology at the forefront. We’ll be honest with you Bing completely renewed with a conversational chatbot that will be powered by AI. In addition, the search engine will have a new engine to return more accurate and relevant results.

And, if the aforementioned were not enough, the company will also renovate its Edge browser with the help of AI. “We believe that this technology will transform all categories of software” said today the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, at his event together with Sam Altman, one of the co-founders and the chief executive of the artificial intelligence company behind ChatGPT, OpenAI .

Microsoft vitamins their browser with IA

Los de Redmond wanted to leave things clear. They will not conform to being mere spectators in the AI ​​revolution that is coming. Nadella says that a career has begun and that they will do everything possible to get the first positions. Now, well, scaling positions in an industry with major players like Google, which curiously has just launched a competitor for ChatGPT called Bard, will not be an easy task.

Then, how will everything materialize? Microsoft talks about a unified search, navigation and chat experience. As we said above, at a functional level, the new Bing search engine promises to provide better results (one of its major shortcomings compared to Google). At the design level, a new side bar and a top tab called ‘Chat’ are released.

As expected, Nadella has presented a “chat experience” in the browser. Predictably, this is a response to people’s comments with the arrival of ChatGPT. In this case, from nuevo chat interactive will serve to “offer results of complex searches”. Entre los ejemplos mencionan desde planar un itineraria de viaje hasta investigador que televisor comprar.

This new mechanic is focused on giving answers and conversing with the user, but it also offers the ability to help the user create better “prompts”, that is, to ask questions in the best way possible to obtain what they are looking for. The new search box allows you to enter up to 1,000 characters, and when you make any search, two large blocks appear.


First, a list of results in the block on the left. In a second, a response with links in the block on the right. As we can see, Bing’s proposal seems to try to mix them up traditional searches with this conversational formatso that the user can have access to both formats from the same search.

You may ask yourself, then, what is the internal functioning of being. We’ll see Bing functions with a new generation LLM (Large Language Model) developed for OpenAI and customized especially for the search field. This system is even more powerful than the one used in ChatGPT. In addition, it has a new form of work with OpenAI called “Prometheus model” that improves the relevance of answers, notes, updates and more.

From the central index of the search if improvement is applied from an artificial intelligence model to core of the search algorithm, which according to Microsoft offers the biggest jump in relevance of results ever achieved in a search engine. In this sense, it also provides a new user experience for searches, something that is “as important as the technical platform that is underneath”.

The central index of the search is improved by applying an artificial intelligence model to the core of the search algorithm.

Another product benefiting from the new direction that the company directed by Nadella is taking is Edge. The new version of the browser has rounded corners that are adopted more fully from the Fluent UI design language. This will allow it to integrate better than ever with Windows 11, and in it we find another logical innovation: a greater integration of Bing.

In fact, the same conversational interface that is available in Bing will be available as a side bar in Edge, which allows access to this capability without having to navigate to Bing. Among the options will be those that will be seen in ChatGPT at the time of giving one summary of any document. During the demonstration, they loaded a PDF in Microsoft Edge with the quarterly financial results of the company Gap.

Linkedin Bing Ia Edge 1

With a single click it was possible to open that sidebar and use the chat so that the IA engine offers a summary of the page we are on. In this case, from the PDF, which in summary in varios puntos. In that demonstration there was another singular moment: one in which the chatbot integrated in Edge (and in Bing) took charge of writing a post on LinkedIn – a platform belonging to Microsoft – so that we could then review it and publish it in just a few moments.

In Microsoft they also explained how this integration has been going on for years. The company knew that there were risks such as bias, but also that someone would modify it – as has happened with ChatGPT – to give inappropriate responses. The curious thing is that in this new conversational chatbot Microsoft and OpenAI have applied a unique method to avoid this possibility: use your own model to react to changes in the world ya intentos de que el sistema de intelligentia artificial dijera algo inappropriate. It’s like if from one’s own system it was continuously testing itself to not give inadequate answers or respond to toxic and delicate topics.

One of the limitations of ChatGPT was to depend on a set of data that dated from 2021 and that therefore was not particularly recent. In the new Bing, the conversational engine seems to have solved this problem, because according to Microsoft’s managers, we will be “impressed” by the recent model information.

Precision is another of the key issues, and Microsoft admitted that “no siempre vamos a dar la respuesta currente. We are always learning. The key here is how we take advantage of this information” because when you feed the motor with more data, you increase the accuracy of the responses.

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And, the question of the million: when can we start using the new Bing? The company says that the desktop version is available in a limited preliminary version. “Any user can try with a limited number of questions and also register from today to achieve complete access to these functions”. As for the mobile version, they said it will arrive “in the next few weeks”.

Images: Microsoft

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