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Remember your childhood with some information about the game Antarctic Adventure

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Antarctic Adventure It’s a Japanese game, originally published by the company Konamifor MSX in 1983. The version for this system was released in Japan and Europe, while the version for NES was only published in Japan, but in the United States, it was possible to enjoy this game thanks to a version for Colecovision.

The main character is a penguin named sorry, que tiene que reccurer differenti caminos sobre hielo en 10 fases. There are three obstacles, focas que salen de pozos, pozos abiertos en el hielo y grandes creetas.

In 1990, Konami published in Japan a portable electronic game of this title, but it is listed as South Pole.

The countries that Penta must travel are:

  • Australia
  • Australia
  • French
  • New Zealand
  • Polo On
  • united states
  • united states
  • Argentinian
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan

There is a theory that indicates that the locations were chosen for the location of the scientific bases, according to Ricardo Bittencourt, The base finals indicate the real position of the scientific bases that exist in Antarctica.

According to Bittencourt’s article, the bases to which the penguin travels are:

1.- Australia: Base Davis
2.- Australia: Base Casey
3.- France: Base Dumont D’Urville
4.- New Zealand: Base Scott
5.- Pole Sur: Base international de Amundsen-Scott
6.- United States: Base Byrd
7.- United States: **
8.- Argentina: Base General Belgrano II
9.- United Kingdom: Base Halley
10.- Japan: Base Showa

An interesting fact is that the base of point 7 existed in the year of the launch of the game, but in actuality it no longer exists.


The background music of the game is a waltz composed for Emile Waudteufeldel siglo XIX, llamada Les Patineurs, which in Spanish would be: Vals de los Patinadores.

You can see the following video to remember how the game is, which for sure, you can download as an emulator for Windows.

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