Recover your Facebook photos easily if you don’t remember the password

Despite the fact that Instagram is the social network most used nowadays to publish photographs, it is not the best option when the number of images that we want to share with our friends and relatives is very high. In these cases, the other social network of the Meta group, Facebook, is the best and only option, unless we have our own web page, a blog or similar.

At the time of starting to use a platform, each time there are more users who use it temporary mail in lieu of the email account that they usually use, to avoid that the web where we register, we will begin to send mails of publicity, promotions and others. What initially can be an advantage, with time becomes a problem, especially if we find a taste in the platform and we do not intend to forget the account, unless we agree to change the contact address

Another common problem that can also prevent us from accessing a platform is forgetting the password of the email account that we have used, siempre y cuando we use our usual email account, because we will not have the opportunity to access this to press in the link they send us to recover from access. If it’s Facebook, a platform that many users use to save all their photos, we don’t have to worry if we want to recover access. If we don’t get it, we can recover all the photos using the appropriate tools, to download all the content that we have published.

Recover photos from Facebook

Before anything, the first thing we should know about recovering photos from Facebook is that, if our profile is private, we will not be able to access it unless we use the account of some of the people we had as friends. If our account was public, we will not have any problems in accessing all the images that we have published in our account by creating a new one, since that is the only option we have to be able to access our profile.

To recover photos from Facebook we have two options. The primary past tense for ir one by one downloading it, using the right mouse button and selecting the Save option. Sin embargo, for a few photographs that we have stored in our Facebook account, we can delay the viewing. The solution to this problem is to use the extension Download Albums for Facebook.

Download Albums for Facebook
Download Albums for Facebook

The operation of this extension is very simple. Once we installed it and we found ourselves in the section Photos from the profile to which we cannot recover from access in any form, we select which album we want to download and click on the extension. Next, a window will appear with the total number of photos available.

Download Facebook photos

If we want to download the images in HD quality, we must check the box Download HD y, then we will pulse in Sselect a Folder to Download All to select in which folder we want to download them. Depending on the number of photographs we have available, this process can last longer or less time, a process that is shown in the same window.

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