Password Manager Lite: A simple and easy to use password manager

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When we talk about administering different passwords for various services or websites, just trying to remember them all causes a headache, so many users resort to a more convenient solution like LastPass or KeePass.

In this case, we will talk about Password Manager Lite, an application that offers a different experience. Its weight is only 1.2 MB approximately and its interface is very simple.

To generate a password, just click on the button “new”, after entering the URL in the Sitio Web field. Then, if the user name is entered in the Correo Electr√≥nico label box and the password in the following box.

To create a new password, click on the menu Options and then in Generate password.

A second window will open, with six buttons that can be used to establish the length of the password phrase. If you can choose between a minimum of 4 characters, 8, 16, 32, 64 or up to 128 characters, if you want the code to have a specific length, you can also combine two passwords or add some additional characters manually.

The following set of switches in Password Manager Lite allows the user to decide if his password must contain characters in lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols. If you can mark the boxes according to the requirements.

Peusens Password Manager Lite does not take the user back to the main window when a password is generated, if you have to copy the content and paste it in the password field.

The last step for the configuration is to save the new entry in a database. If you click on the Archive menu and select Save in archive. A new window opens with various options. If you select one of the 8 key colors to assign it to the vault.

Password Manager Lite supports two encryption methods: 3DES-CBC and AES-CBC. If you must establish a PIN code, also known as a master password, which is used to unlock the vault.

You can download Peusens Password Manager Lite for free on its official website, where you can also find a portable version that can be stored on a USB.

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