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Monetizing a blog, is it easy or difficult?

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Earning money on the Internet is one of the topics that I have seen most on the Internet since more than 15 years ago, surely since more than that, but speaking of my experience with it is sufficient. Today it is possible to earn money on the Internet in many ways, legal and illegal, with an investment or one’s investment, with a profession or one’s profession, in the end, the possibilities are too many.

It is clear that if you want to earn money without knowing how to do anything, it will be very difficult and you will surely end up on those pages that pay centavos of dollars to watch videos or complete surveys, which after several weeks you will be defeated because we have not joined you 1 dollar, y the minimum to collect is 10 dollars, what a waste of time

Focusing on the topic of this post, earning money with a blog or web page is practically easy, the difficult thing is create quality content, positioning from the site, creating an attractive, simple and adaptable design, among other factors. Starting from the primordial, from the topic of a blog is the primordial when it is required to monetize, sin embargo, there are certain factors to be taken into account like from traffic web and from the type of content, because surely an educational blog will have fewer visits than an entertainment one, but it is possible that an educational blog will get better profits for clicks on ads, than an entertainment blog with profits for thousands of impressions of announcements

Currently it is possible to monetize any type of content, ya sea technology, music, news, health, personal blogs, and including content for adults, betting and other controversial topics. The problem here is that not all companies will want to publish their ads on pages with certain types of content.

site design

If your main objective is to capture a lot of traffic, it is necessary to have an eye-catching and usable design, for this case, if you use the design responsive, because it is adaptable to devices like laptops, tablets or cell phones. This type of design is excellent for blogs and ayuda mucho to web positioningespecially if you use some CMS like WordPress or Blogger, that in some cases, the templates come integrated with plugins to improve SEO, but if you don’t use CMS and that you are a web programmer, you will surely know very well about this.

But if you don’t know anything about design, a CMS could be your best option, ya que sólo te limitas a elegir una template adequadas y publicar tu contenido.

Avoid using very heavy templates that take a long time to load, avoid excessive multimedia elements such as videos or flash, compress the images as much as possible. In this way, users with a slow Internet connection will have the opportunity to view your site and not close it because it takes too long to load. In addition, if you have a hosting plan with limited bandwidth, this will help you a little, although I recommend 100% getting hosting with unlimited bandwidth, since if the visits of your site increase considerably, surely you will not it will be sufficient to have a limited transfer.

Types of monetization

Now that you have everything listed, you can think about starting to earn money with your blog. Para esto tienes muchas opciones, aunque la más utilizado y profitable, hablando de publication de anuncios, es Google Adsense.

Although this company is the preferred one for the majority of webmasters, it is the one that most bans users and rejects websites to affiliate with the program, due to the type of content of the web pages. Adsense is very strict in its policies and takes its clients (advertisers) very seriouslyso that you must analyze each web that wants to affiliate and verify if it is suitable for displaying its announcements.

If your page has content on betting, gambling, adult content, music downloads, movies or software, you can forget about Google as an option to monetize. If your site has legal content, created for you, that does not affect other people and that has a good text-image relationship, then you can send the request, if it is approved, do not trust it, because all the time it is “vigilante”, so to speak, from the content of your site.

So if you already have an Adsense account, you must be even more careful with the content you publish, because if you don’t follow Google’s policies, you risk being sent a warning notification, or worse, your account will be banned. si esto ultimo passa, you can forget to create another account, ya que no te vuelven a acceptar ni a ti, ni a tu sitio.

Taking care of the content you publish to follow the Adsense guidelines includes absolutely everything, this is the text of each publication, the images of the site, the links, and including the keywords of the posts and the domain name in case you need to change it .

If you respect all policies and update your quality content regularly, podrás obtener buenas ganancias con este programaas well as other methods that you can add.

There are other similar programs in case you can’t open your Google Adsense account, which even accept the type of content prohibited by Google, but the payment is not so good.

Another option to earn money by publishing ads is to get advertisers for your account, but for this you must know that any company that wants to advertise will not be interested in your site if it does not have hundreds of thousands of visitors to me, if you have them, you can think to contact a company to publish a banner for 10, 50, 500 or 1,000 dollars per month, depending on the statistics.

Sponsored articles

The fact that many web pages talk about a company or product, improving the positioning of that company’s web page, is why many advertisers bet on to pay editors for the publication of articles.

For this, you can register on some web page that offers this service, where advertisers can choose between a catalog of web pages, some where they want to contract a sponsored post, but this option is difficult to select from the post price and sometimes they request mucho datos from your site to make them public, in addition, from the site you stay with a part of your gain. However, this option could be more secure for advertisers.

Another option is that you offer yourself a service or hope that some advertiser will contact you. The gain for after sponsorship also depending on the number of visits you have. In general, a sponsored article must contain at least 500 words, two links and images, and for small pages or blogs, with about 10 thousand unique monthly visits, if you pay between 6 and 20 dollars per article, pages with too much traffic like newspapers renombre pueden ganar entre 400 and 3,000 dollars per article, but we are talking about millions of monthly visits.

These are the most profitable methods to earn money with your website. There are others like link shorteners, like AdFly or LinkBucks, which pay very little, and no son recomendables para este temaunless you have a warez site, which is generally where this type of monetization is used, because they usually have many visits that can only be monetized in this way.

Summing up, monetizing a page is easy, because it’s only a question of registering in the campaign of interest and publishing the ad codes, or in your case, publishing the contracted sponsored articles. What is difficult es lograr mantener un sitio web que logre genar buen dinero. From night to morning you can create a site that generates 3 dollars per month, but who does that help? To earn 500 dollars per month, which is already a decent amount, if it takes time and dedication.

So if you want to start earning money with a web page, think that you won’t be able to earn good amounts in a short time, have patience and be constant. Although if with the passage of time you observe that your profits have been maintained at 0.3 cents of the daily dollar, something is going wrong, you also don’t need many months to know that something is not working, remember that there are many topics that are covered in this, that van desde good spelling, editing, topics of interest, quality content, hasta positioning techniques, web design, advertising, social networks, etc.

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