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Microsoft published an alternative solution for the BlueScreen printing problem in Windows

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Microsoft has published a solution for the printing problem that affects all server and client versions of Windows 10 that have the March 2021 security updates installed.

The updates were published on March 9th as part of the parches day of the month. The reports about the problems related to the printing of BlueScreen began to be published in social networks and shortly after the launch, and Microsoft confirmed the problem, but did not publish a solution.

This Saturday, the company published an update on the known problem that provides more details and solutions.

Microsoft assures that the problem affects a subset of printer controllers Type 3. The company provided instructions to know if said controller is installed:

1.- Install Print Management Consolesearching in the Start menu search bar “manage functions options” y execute from result. Select Add functionescribir imprimir, buscar Print Management Console and install it.

2.- Open the window execute (Windows+R), write printmanagement.msc and click on Accept.

3.- Expand Print servers y select impresses.

4.- It will show the type of controller for each printer.

A video demonstration shows how to mitigate a problem related to printing. Microsoft explained that the alternative solution varies depending on the system and the architecture of the controller.

32-bit printer drivers in 64-bit versions of Windows

1.- Run cmd as administrator.

2.- Execute rundll32 printui.dll, PrintUiEntry /Xg /n «Controlador KX for Universal Printing». Be sure to replace the KX controller for the universal printer with the controller number. Se puede saber el nombre abriendo Configurationwrite printer in el campo de búsqueda y selectar Printer and scanner configuration.

3.- The command opens the printer’s user interface. Check the existence of «Direct» in Attributes.

4.- If Direct does not exist, execute rundll32 printui.dll, PrintUIEntry /Xs /n «Controlador KX for Universal Printing» attributes +direct

El problema se debe resolver para ese controller en particular. Repeat the steps for any other controller that is affected by the problem.

32-bit drivers in 32-bit Windows or 64-bit drivers in 64-bit Windows

For these scenarios, the resulting solution is more complex:

1.- Load the download page Windows ADK.

2.- Download and install Windows ADK.

3.- Run Windows ADK. In «Select the functions you want to install»to mark «Application compatibility tools» to install them as part of the ADK.

4.- Complete the installation.

5.- Los siguientes pasos deben seguirse for each application from the one that is printed, for example, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Edge:

  • to open Initiationselect from new Compatibility manager.
  • Right click on the unique data base archive Personalized databases y select Create new > Correction of the application.
  • Write the number of the application and the provider, select the executable file using the browse button on the page.
  • Click on it Siguiente hasta que se muestre la página Compatibility corrections.
  • Buscar PrinterIsolationAware in the page and mark it to enable it.
  • Click on it Siguiente y to terminate
  • Guardar los cambios
  • Dar clic derecho en la nueva corrección en el Compatibility manager y select “Install” to install the correction.

Microsoft plans to release a solution for the problem next week.

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