Learn to program in Python! Free course from the University of Michigan available now online

Discover the language that conquered the world of programming! Python is an easy-to-learn, versatile and powerful programming language that has become one of the most popular in the world of technology.

With Python, you can develop web applications, games and software with artificial intelligence and data analysis.

Join the community of programmers who are transforming the world with Python!

Programming for all (Introduction to Python)

Learn to program with Python in just 19 hours with the “Programming for everyone” course!

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The University of Michigan offers this specialized program that covers the basic concepts of computer programming using Python.

The course has no prerequisites and is designed for any person with moderate computer experience. With more than 2 million recent views and 219,297 ratings with 4.8 stars, it is one of the most popular courses on Coursera.

There are no excuses for not starting to learn!

¿Cómo obtengo el curso?

This course is offered from the Coursera platform, it is a course that you can obtain for free under certain conditions.

The first option is to choose the option of “Free course without certificate”in this way you will be able to access the content of the course and complete it, but you will not be able to obtain a certificate of completion endorsed by the platform.

The second option is to choose “audit course”, with this option you can access the video content of the course, but you will not be able to take the exams or obtain the certificate of completion. If you do not see the course audit option, you must verify in the part below using the scroll (in the form of a link).

The options vary depending on the course, but with any of the two you can access the content for free.

Por si fuera poco, some courses have the option of economic aid, with which you can request said support and be a creditor of a paid course.

To obtain the free course, click on the following button:

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