Know some things you must know to hire a hacker

If you are thinking of hiring a person specialized in certain computer activities, or commonly called a hacker, first you must know some things to avoid being a victim of some scam or being caught in the movement.

Para empezar, lo mejor sería tener algo conocimientos sobre el specifice, pues siempre será mejor saber de lo que te está hablanto el hacker cuando te está haciendo alguna quotation o habando sobre las actividades arealizar. For example, if you want to hire a hacker to obtain information from some electronic mail, you need to investigate the topic.

Investigate a little about how electronic mail systems work, what type of mail does the company or person from whom you need the information use, for example, Outlook, Gmail, or some business mail, or more technical, access an mail server electronic, conocer si utilizan Exchange o Thunderbird, por ejemplo.

Having basic knowledge about this, really pure technical theory, you don’t need to know everything in detail, you will be able to get an idea of ​​what the hacker will offer you before hiring him.

Why is it necessary to take all this into account? Because many people who are not hackers, if they make it happen, they will scam people who need to hire a real person. They simply show fake screen captures from other services, they talk in a very technical way, although there is no truth, they use fake programs to simulate that they have the information, among many other tactics, so that in the end, the user deposits the first time for the service, para que luego el hacker, que termina siendo un scamador, desaparezca.

Other interesting things that must be taken into account are the types of hackers that exist, because once you meet someone who is a hacker, you don’t have to know if you are willing to do the work, because that is different from what you create. Normally, hackers are not criminals. There are white sombrero hackers, who are also called ethical hackers, and they are dedicated to looking for vulnerabilities or flaws in various systems in order not to take advantage of it, but to inform the manufacturers or companies about the flaws and receive a reward for it. In this case, this type of hackers will definitely not provide you with any service if what you are looking for is to obtain confidential information, as in the e-mail example.

Unlike this type of hackers, black hat hackers will surely help you in this type of situation, because if they find vulnerabilities or ways to extract information, they will use them to the maximum to cause damage to organizations or people with the end de obtener algún beneficio economic de forma illegal.

There is another type of hat, the gray one, which could be defined as a combination of the two previous ones, which could help people with their weaknesses in software, or any other type of system, or seek to obtain some benefit by selling the information obtained, lo que le sea más beneficio.

So, when hiring a hacker for any type of service that requires unauthorized access to devices such as computers, telephones, servers, or to obtain access to Internet platforms such as electronic mail or social networks, the most convenient would be to try to find a hacker de sombrero negro o gris.

It should be mentioned that when it comes to hackers who manage to succeed in their objectives, they have much knowledge and, in the end, their services are not that cheap. Everything depends on your needs and the degree of difficulty that implies what you need.

If you have any doubt or comment about it, leave it here below!

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