Know some differences between modem and router

When talking about connecting to the Internet in the home, it is common to hear the terms modem and router, which although they are very similar equipment physically, have some differences that need to be known to know which equipment is used for the required needs.

What is a router?

A router or router is a device that allows us to interconnect networks with a different prefix in its IP address. Its main function is to establish the best route for each data packet to reach the network and the destination device.

These electronic devices are very used to connect to the Internet, because they connect the network of the home, office or any other place to the network of the Internet service provider. Most of the routers that are used for the home and the office have other built-in functions such as a wireless access point that allows you to create and connect to a WiFi network, a modem that converts analog signals to digital and a switch that connects various devices for the medium of a cable, creating a local network.

Currently it is possible to acquire domestic routers at good prices, which will help us to satisfy the needs of the house or the office. One option is the Huawei router, which offers excellent characteristics for home needs.

What is a modem?

On the other hand, a modem is a device that, as previously mentioned, converts digital signals into analog (modulation) and vice versa (demodulation), which allows communication between computers through the telephone line.

There will be devices that have been used since the 1960s, since the direct transmission of intelligible electronic signals, at large distances, is not efficient.

In general, the Internet service provider (ISP) provides its clients with a modem to be able to access the Internet from the computer or any other device. The Internet modem has a cable that connects to the router, along with a power supply.

Although a router and a modem are very similar, their devices are different, since a router is required to take the Internet connection provided by the modem and divide it into several lines to send the service to other devices.

Sin embargo, the current domestic routers have the function of a modem (or vice versa), which makes things much easier for consumers, since they do not require the installation of two computers.

Many of the current Internet providers have installed modems that have the function of routing, so that the input signal reaches them, for example, by coaxial cable, and the equipment has several ethernet ports to be able to divide the signal to the equipment que la van a utilizar, as well as having WiFi to also provide a wireless signal.

In this way, the Internet signal arrives via a cable to the modem, and it is responsible for routing the devices that require it.

But sometimes the equipment provided by the ISPs are not that good, so it could be good to use a router of your own according to the needs that are required, and what’s better than being able to choose between excellent brands like Huawei.

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