It is Artificial Intelligence that tells you how to come to other people on the Internet

The range of possibilities and utilities that we currently offer some of the current platforms based on Artificial intelligence, cada vez is mayor. In these lines we will talk about an interesting alternative that you can use for free and that will turn out to be very interesting.

Everything related to AI is growing exponentially over the last few months. In fact, there are many companies that are entering this growing market offering their own platforms and projects. Here we find more or less well-known technological companies that are trying to make a name for themselves in this sector. A good part of the services and applications centered on Artificial Intelligence intend to facilitate our vision in one way or another.

That’s why we can do it generate texts almost automatically, comments from social networks, images, maintain conversations, perform online searches, and much more. Precisely for all that, below we are going to talk about a curious IA platform that you will surely be interested in taking a look at. We say all this because it is an Artificial Intelligence that is basically in charge of making a profile of how we come online. This way we will be able to get an idea of ​​the image that we are transmitting on the Internet to our followers and contacts.

In concrete terms we are referring to the IA llamada Abbrevia which is also worth knowing that it is a national project. This wants to say that if for one reason or another we are interested in knowing how our followers come online, we should make use of this platform. It should be mentioned that this is something that can be achieved from our publications in the social network Twitter.

Abbreviated, the IA that creates your profile online

In addition, other factors come into play here that the platform that we are talking about also takes into consideration and analyzes thanks to its internal technology. Y es que también se tienen in consideración the way of interacting with our followers in the social network del pajarito azul and the comments of our tweets. Para que nos hagamos una idea, lo que la IA hace es read all our publications in the social network and analyze them to create a profile of how we see from the rest.

Abbreviated interphase

To access the official website of the IA application that we are talking about here, Abbreviated, no tenemos más que introducer el nombre usuario de la cuenta de Twitter. Obviously, it is not difficult to imagine that in addition to analyzing our profile, we can do the same with any other of the rest of the users who use the red social. So we will also be able to see first-hand the image they are showing based on their online publications.

Once we have introduced the name of the profile as such, we have nothing more than to click on the button Get description so that the Artificial Intelligence is set in motion. After a few seconds we will get the desired result after the automatic analysis that is carried out. In addition, it is worth knowing that we have the possibility of receiving this analysis of the profile so much español as in English.

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