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it has more than 11,000

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, like it or not. We have to get out of our heads the idea that some movies show, at least for a moment, because they still don’t have their own conscience and aren’t capable of thinking for themselves. The number of options available in the market to perform any task is very large and accessing it can be an impossible task if we do not try to directory where to find them.

The Artificial Intelligences most known they are the ones that allow us to generate texts based on a description like the solutions offered by OpenAI with ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing Chat. To create images using a description, the best-known options are the ones we offer Midjourney and DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. But, the use of Artificial Intelligence is much more extensive than we will be using, since we can also use it to create avatars, generate programming code, publications for social networks, databases, deepfakes, management of electronic commerce, finances, edit images and videos and much more.

Through Google we can find some other AI that offers us what we are looking for, but it is not the best option if we are looking for an Artificial Intelligence that does a specific task, since we can spend many hours searching and testing. The solution is problematic to use the Wiki3GPT web.


Wiki3GPT: all IAs in one place

Wiki3GPT is a website where we can find more than 80 categories of Artificial Intelligence, which allows us to quickly and easily find the AI ​​we seek for each need. When clicking on each category, a thumbnail of the web is displayed and where we can also see if it is a free or paid platform. If we do not find the category of IA we need, we can use the search box located in the upper right corner of the web by entering, in Englishwhich we are looking for to show all the results that we can use.

When accessing the option we are interested in, one is displayed a brief description of the IA in question de se explicable brevemente que es lo que nos ofrece. To access the web in question, we only need to click on Website. The main page, in addition to the list of categories, shows us 5 classifications where we can find the most popular payment IAs, free ones, new ones, those that include some type of payment and those that are trending at the moment.


At the time of publishing this article, Wiki3GPT has put more than 11,400 IAs at our disposal. For rare que pueda parecer the Artificial Intelligence we are looking for, if it exists, I’m sure we’ll find it on this web. From unique negative aspect of this web is that it does not allow us to filter the results that are shown depending on whether they are free or paid solutions.

Neil Barker
Neil Barker
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