Is Hey Banco reliable? Discover how reliable and recommendable this bank is

In recent years, a variety of new financial institutions have been introduced that offer users to create bank accounts through System of Transfers and Payments (STP), brindando a los usuarios greater ease to obtain a bank account and debit card without having to go to the usual banking institutions, where they also charge account management and other commissions.

The great advantage of these new institutions is that you can open the account without leaving home, from the computer or telephone, only with an identification, basic data and in your case, proof of address.

In gptevo we have tested several applications, most of them very good. In this case, Hey Banco it does not fall into this category, because we started with its deceptive advertising that would be out “hook” to attract new users by offering a guaranteed credit card with just downloading the app and registering.

To start, Hey, the property of Banco Regional has a very cumbersome and unnecessary verification process, so apart from what is always asked for, like photos of the identification, selfie with the identification, proof of domicile, etcetera, please record a video for to verify the identity, después de esto, the response takes too long.

Once it is exceeded, you can choose your debit card, among several designs that have one “customization cost” se puede elegir un diseño gratuito, que en ningún lado dice que incluedo otro costo. Once the card has been selected and removed from the register, the application can be accessed.

When entering the credit card section, where you supposedly have a guaranteed credit card, you may be surprised that you need to make a deposit in “warranty” to be able to obtain the card, then, what is the objective of having a credit card that you have to pay in advance?

To redeem, once the debit card is received and activated, to make a deposit to the Hey account to use the card, You have the unpleasant surprise of being automatically charged $114.84 pesos for sending the card. A fee that at the moment of choosing the card does not say what will be done.

This is something that takes away a lot of value from this company because the competition sends its cards completely free, with better design and in less time.

Apart from this, when wanting to request an explanation about the cost of the card, a ticket was opened from the application to ask for an explanation on October 16, 2022, from which there was no response and today, November 3, 2022, aparece como cerrado sin haber proporciona una respuesta al respecto.

There are problems and that the application is plagued by supposed investment services, loans and insurance to be collecting interest and commissions, for nothing it is a recommendable application.

If you are looking for a reliable application that does not charge you for your own debit card, Klar is a very good option.

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