If you want to be much more popular on Instagram, this function is only active

From the use of the different platforms of social networks in which we have an account in estos instantes busca different objectives depending on the case. Sometimes we seek to interact with other users, to have greater visibility on the Internet or an economic benefit. Here we find proposals as well known as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

In fact, a growing number of users are dedicated in a professional manner to keeping their accounts active and living from it all. This is not new, although with the growth of the Internet and social platforms, it is a way of seeing that little by little is spreading. With everything and with it we must keep in mind that we will do it with a good amount of followers in our social accounts and start monetizing everything, it’s not easy.

This type of work requires many hours of dedication y saber bien lo que estamos haciendo. There are many factors that influence here to gain certain popularity on sites like Instagram, although there are many that achieve it. But in vain if we focus on this social network based on photos and videos, it is the favorite of many people celebrities in a todo from a globe.

Likewise, we must keep in mind that there are social platforms we propose a series of functions with which to gain followers. A clear example of all this is found in the aforementioned Instagram, as we will show below. In concrete we refer to a characteristic that we can use to be more popular on the platform y so ganar adeptos a nuestra cuenta.

Give greater visibility to your Instagram account

It must be kept in mind that one of the main objectives of a multitude of users of the social network of photos is to monetize their publications. As we commented before, getting to this point is not easy, but many have achieved it. As you can imagine it will take time and effort. At the same time we can take a look at some of the functions and characteristics that the social platform itself makes available to us.

For example, we can activate a feature that allows shops and businesses that have an account on the social network to use our publications. This is something that in principle would be done for free, but of course, we would like great visibility in the platform, lo que nos vendría muy bien para su crecimiento.

store Instagram

To activate this feature that we have discussed, the first thing we do is access our Instagram account in the conventional way. We click on our profile photo to see the edit button itself, where we click. Here we will find a new configuration window where we can customize a multitude of parameters related to our social network account. In the left panel we find a category that cuts Privacy and security.

Ahora ya solamente nos queda locate the section of Solicitations de tiendas to activate from corresponding selector. In this way we will give permission to them company accounts to use our photos and videos in stores related to our publications and hashtags. All this will allow for much more visibility a nuestra cuenta y probabilidad ganar seguidores.

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