If ChatGPT seemed magical, the new version GPT-4 talks and programs like a human

Artificial Intelligence is in vogue. In a very short time, all types of IAs have gained incredible popularity, starting with Dall-E, to create images in a procedural manner, and following with the popular ChatGPT, a platform, with less than 100 days of visibility, that has revolutionized the informatics como, hasta hace nada, no hubiéramos imaginado. But Artificial Intelligence has not yet taught us everything it has to teach us, and, just yesterday, the new revolution arrived: GPT-4.

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is, to a great extent, from an algorithm (or, technically, a language model) that AI uses when processing requests and displaying responses. SI has recently used ChatGPT, the platform was using until yesterday itself an improved version of GPT-3, which is known internally as GPT 3.5. Sin embargo, we have been hearing talk about the new version of this IA for some time, although there are not many clues about its launch and about the improvements that will come.

And, suddenly, he got GPT-4.


GPT-4: characteristics

This new version of the algorithm focuses on improving three fundamental aspects: the creativity, the entrance visual y from context In this way, this algorithm greatly improves all creative work, both at the time of processing requests and generating, for example, source code.

Some programmers who have already tried this IA aseguran que genera código mucho más fino and with fewer errors, it offers much more complete solutions and is capable of building better applications. Yes, it continues to make errors at the time of generating complex code and, in addition, It’s considerably slower than GPT-3.5 at the time of devolvernos from text.

Another interesting news is that now it is capable of interact with text entries of up to 25,000 charactersinteract with the text of a web, and included receive imagesidentify them and process applications around them.

Finally, it is also a much more procedural model insurance, generating more accurate answers and 82% fewer respondents with non-permitted content.

How to start using GPT-4

Since yesterday, the GPT-4 algorithms are available for users who pay 20 dollars to me for ChatGPT Plusthe “Premium” version of this IA that allows us to obtain faster responses and, most importantly, access the functions available on the platform before others.

This new IA is still in testing phase, and more than 50 humans are being trained para poner el nuevo algorithm a punto. That’s why only users who pay for Plus will be able to access this new IA, for now. When the algorithm is ready, it will be replaced by the current GPT-3.5 and will be available to everyone with the same conditions as now.

Another way to use GPT-4 itself is to use Bing Chat, since Microsoft has confirmed that its intelligent chat is built on this new version, and this is one of the reasons why its responses are sometimes superior to those of the model original from OpenAI.

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