How to use ChatGPT in Telegram with a bot to ask you what you want

Let’s explain cómo puedes usar ChatGPT in Telegram to maintain conversations with this artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is one of the most popular IA’s today, and it has started an authentic revolution. It’s coming to all sites, from Bing Chat to a bot to keep ChatGPT in WhatsApp.

This artificial intelligence has an API that allows developers to add it to many sites, as in this case in a Telegram bot. You only need to know that this bot does not use GPT-4 as a chat engine, but GPT-3.5. Yes, the bot eliminates daily message limits and has different chat modes.

ChatGPT on Telegram


The first thing you have to do to have ChatGPT in your Telegram is to enter the Github page of the chat developer. here inside pulses in el botón RUN Telegram Bot que aparece dentro If you prefer, you can also access the bot directly with the link, which is where the button takes you.

to open

When you open this page on your mobile or computer, you will have the options to open it in Telegram or to send a messageand with any one of the two you will interact with the bot by opening it in the Telegram application you have on your computer or mobile.


You will enter the ChatGPT bot in Telegram, where you will see that everything is blank. What you have to do is initiar el bot con el botón de Initiate que te aparece abajo del todo

will command

This will start from the bot, and you will see a lot of instructions to use the special modes that have been created for this bot. However, you can also ignore the commands and use ChatGPT normally simply starting to write messages como si hablaras con una personala normal.

Use Chat

And if you start writing forgetting the commands you will have, you will have started using artificial intelligence. Remember that you can use ChatGPT in Spanish, and that the only thing you have to do to get it is to write it in this or any other language.

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