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How to put Bing’s ChatGPT with GPT-4 on your Android’s home screen

Let’s explain how to have Bing with GPT-4 in the desktop of your mobile, something you can currently do on Android. This way, you can use Bing Chat, which is the version of ChatGPT that Microsoft has in its browser, and which uses GPT-4.

What you have to do for this is to use it from a Bing search bar widget and add it to your desktop. This widget will have a button with which you can launch Bing Chat directly. Let’s explain now step by step, a good method to have a very accessible GPT-4 for free.

Bing Chat on the Android desktop

Installation App

The first thing you have to do is download the Bing application on your mobile, which is free. You can download it directly from this Google Play link, where you have to install it on the mobile device where you are going to use it.

Initial Session

Once you install the application, you have to open it sign in with your Microsoft account. Once the session is started, click on the B button to ensure that you already have Bing Chat active. If you don’t have it, the same app will give you the option to sign up for the waiting list.


Once you have verified that Bing Chat is working correctly in the application, it is ready to put it on your desktop. para eso, keep pulsing with a finger any empty space on the desk from your Android, and when the options are displayed, you have to click on them the option of widgets. Depending on the manufacturer, the menu may be different, but you will always have that option somewhere.

Bing widget

This will take you to a screen where you have a list of all the widgets, ordered by the number of the app they belong to. Here, search for Bing widgets, and keep your finger pulsing over it and move it slowly to drag it to the desk and put it where you want it. You can also change its size.

Microphone Widget

Y una vez tengas el widget de Bing, solo tienes que tap on the microphone of the search bar, and it will open Bing Chat with GPT-4 and the dictation option. You can speak to dictate a command to Bing’s ChatGPT, or you can type what you want from your mobile keyboard.

Bing Chat

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