How to prevent theft of accounts from social networks

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The increase in cases of identity theft or social network accounts has grown too much in recent years, partly due to the fact that the forms in which hackers operate are becoming more and more sophisticated.

However, another factor that matters a lot is that users can be very careless, especially when it comes to using “popular” applications.

In case of Facebookfor example, there are many applications within the social platform that request access to the profile, and as some of these applications are becoming fashionable, it is common that users do not read them service conditions and terms being victims of data theft.

Even worse, when it comes to applications outside the platform, many of them are fake and ask the user to log in with their Facebook account and enter their credentials. making the hackers take control of their account.

Another form of fraud is when people look for an example of how to hack Facebook and find malicious websites that only seek to steal access data from users.

A possible help against this is to have updated antivirus software that can warn users when they enter a fraudulent website or a potential threat.

This type of threats are very popular with Facebook, but they also apply to any social platform, like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, among others.

When talking about computer security, there are many ways to fall into the trap of computer hackers, but there are also many ways to protect yourself.

Cuando la gente busca cómo hacker facebook sin descargar nada, podría creer que se salvará de descargar malware que terminale afectando su misma computadora, aunque existen servicios que pueden ser confiables, pero siempre será necesario coveri un costo.

Although we can protect our social accounts, by using reliable passwords, avoiding entering passwords into unknown devices, avoiding downloading applications or software, or entering websites that request access data, we can become victims of information theft.

There are many games and applications that ask to access the profile, see a list of friends, interests, recent activity, among other permissions, que aunque no parezca algo peligroso, resulting in a massive data leak that can be used with many fines.

Due to this, it is highly recommended to avoid using this type of applications that ask for an excess of permissions, and if you have done so, revoke them immediately in the configuration and privacy page of the platform.

There are many techniques used by hackers to obtain information, by means of phishing, spyware, trojans, among others, so it is necessary to be cautious and always have a good antivirus protection.

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