How To Make Money Using ChatGPT And AI in 2023

Don’t miss the Artificial Intelligence revolution. Make the most of it to make money using chatgpt and AI .

Maybe 2023 will be the year many entrepreneurs and freelancers will make a lot of money due to Artificial Intelligence (AI) .

So try not to miss the opportunity, so over the past few weeks, has been exploring different ways to make money using ChatGPT and other AI tools.

I found different options, and we’ll tell you about that in this article.

1. Create Products or Services using AI

There are many products and services powered by AI, but guess what? Most of them have never developed the AI ​​technology used in their products.

They simply integrate other people’s AI technologies into their product by connecting to APIs .

OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT , has an API already used by companies like Duolingo and GitHub. Duolingo uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 to provide French grammar corrections to its app, while GitHub uses Codex OpenAI to help programmers write code faster with less work.

All of this is possible through the API!

Another example is Jasper. Jasper is an AI content creator that adapts to the common language created by OpenAI technologies for specific use cases. You could say Jasper is an “intermediary” between you and Open AI.

But why would anyone choose an intermediary like jasper over OpenAI technology?

maybe because they optimized the results to make them more relevant to their customers.

They use Apps that make AI much more accessible to those who don’t have the resources/expertise to access the technology themselves.
OpenAI isn’t the only technology that can be used. There are other options.

For example, the Lens app uses the open-source image generator Stable Diffusion to transform selfies into different styles of artwork. those apps charge a fee and they only act as an intermediary between the user and the Stable Diffusion technology.

In short: Choose a theme. Develop a product or service. Connect with AI.

2. Teaching

There are many people who are not yet familiar with Artificial intelligence , but sooner or later they need to know AI and learn how to use Artificial intelligence (AI).

It’s an opportunity to teach them through blogs, video tutorials, or paid courses.

If you’re thinking about creating content online, choose an AI tool and teach others how to get the most out of it through blog posts or YouTube videos. you will study twice and earn money.

3. Write

It’s likely that many people will use AI to try to make money blogging or writing books.

Let’s say you want to start blogging, then you will choose a topic you like to talk about and use AI tools to overcome the feeling of being lazy to write.

You lack ideas for article titles? ChatGPT can make
you lack of inspiration to finish the article? Jasper can help finish the draft
you lack the vocabulary to express ideas? Quillbot can paraphrase sentences and can control how much vocabulary change it wants.
Do you want a unique image for your article? Midjourney can create AI art.
All complex problems can be solved with the various tools above, you should think of AI as a tool that can help you become a better writer. We just need to choose the right AI tool for a particular task and master it.

4. Create and sell Applications or APIs

This is very possible for you to do but you must have knowledge of a programming language.

We can build an API using ChatGPT.

“Generate code for the flask python API server that takes a GET request with the url as a string, converts it to a QR code image and sends it back as an API response”

The problem is that you have to build an API that someone else will buy.

This means you need to spend some time analyzing the low-competition API, generate ideas for the API, and only then use ChatGPT as a code assistant to turn our ideas into reality. Once you’ve built your API, you can sell it on sites like RapidAPI.

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