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How to generate incredible images with Bing Chat

One of the big bets on the part of the software giant, Microsoft, over the last few months, is Bing, its own search engine. Despite the low acceptance of this platform that lives in the shadow of Google, the company wants to boost the search engine thanks to the Artificial intelligence.

The truth is that a multitude of companies are using AI in their own projects to generate all types of content automatically. The growth that this technology is having is increasing in an impressive way. In these same lines, we want to focus on the Bing search engine from Microsoft, which now uses OpenAI technology to reach a greater number of users.

In large measure thanks to the recent launch of GPT-4, their chatbot has grown and improved in a substantial way. In fact, we must keep in mind that the platform makes use of this technology. What’s more, he was doing it before it was officially launched. That’s why many users are currently starting to try the advantages and benefits of the platform Microsoft based on AI.

In these lines we want to focus on the capacity of this at the time of generating images automatically with minimal interaction on the part of the user. To a large extent, this is what we will achieve due to the internal use of the same technology used by the popular DALL-E 2. To give you a more accurate idea of ​​what we are talking about, in concrete terms we refer to the functionality Image Creator.

Create images with Bing’s Image Creator

At the moment the company has one available web specific for this type of tasks to which we can access comfortably from our favorite web browser. This is a tool in which the software giant spends a lot of time working and testing it before making it available to everyone in the world. It’s something that we can try to prove first hand all the virtues of this platform to create images based on Artificial Intelligence.

IA Bing

Eso sí, we must keep in mind that, at the time of entering the corresponding terms to generate the desired image, we can only use English for a moment. Todo hace indicare that we will soon have the possibility of also using the language of Cervantes, but the current platform will serve us to take a look at its operation. So, in the dialog box that appears in the main interface of the platform Bingno tenemos más que introduce the desired terms.

cat Bing IA

The complexity of all this will depend on our needs at that moment. At the same time we must also keep in mind that the process, depending on our connection, will take a few seconds to complete. This wants to say that we must have some patience because the creation of the image is not immediate. As it could not be otherwise, the Artificial Intelligence platform has certain limitations when creating automatic images. Y es que no se permiten y se block content related to violence or the naked, among others.

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