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How to create a popular YouTube channel?

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Taking into account the fact that YouTube has a billion unique visitors each month, creating a channel for you or your company is a great marketing tool. Sin embargo, if you don’t have viewers or your followers haven’t increased in a while, it’s time to reconsider your strategies.

Here are some tactics to create a popular YouTube channel.

Diseña tu marca

Decide what should be the general theme of your videos and how you want your channel to be known. Due to the massive influx of YouTube videos uploaded every day, these videos must have a distinct quality to stand out from the rest.

I’m known for being someone who makes incredible stop-motion videos instead of the cute common versions. The number of your channel must incorporate the type of videos that viewers can expect from you.

Having a logo that attracts and keeps people’s attention is also an advantage.

Offer a professional salary

YouTube is not only a place for homemade videos that you and your friends decide to upload for entertainment, it is also for professional use. Make people really learn from your knowledge.

If you have a title in mind and you think that people close their minds automatically when mentioning the topic, why don’t you give lectures online? Make sure to make it interesting and less intimidating using less jargon and more specific and easy to identify examples.

Consider the revisions

The evaluations work much better when they are made in video format instead of text. It’s easier to understand something when it’s presented visually because it means you don’t have to use your imagination.

The reviews are descriptive by nature and YouTube is a place to share opinions on products, films, ideas and establishments.

Has covers or live performances

You could think: ¡oh, everyone on YouTube does it!, but most of the people who were discovered on YouTube had something unique about them that caught the attention of a record label.

If you are going to offer the same old acoustic covers, it is possible that people will not notice you. Sin embargo, if you can think of something creative and unique, it is possible to make even the acoustic covers look fresh.

Why don’t you put on a mask and let the spectators focus on your music? You could be known as the mysterious and masked guitarist from YouTube that everyone is excited to see.

Work in the labels

The tags allow you to categorize the videos and appear in YouTube searches easily. Make sure they are relevant to your video, don’t use popular labels like the names of famous artists that are trending on YouTube.

If your video is about making cupcakes from scratch, put the specific label first followed by the generic ones. For example, “cómo hacer cupcakes desde cero” should be the prioritized label.

“Hacer cupcakes desde cero”, “cupcakes”, “fiesta”, “postre” and other related tags must follow.

Complete the description

Do not forget to complete the information in the description box. This is where you can freely set any thing about the video. The viewers will have to know more about the video before and after playing it.

Providing complete information is not only professional, but it also allows viewers to know that you are serious about what you are doing.

The videos should not be too short or too long

Do you think a 15-second video can teach viewers how to wear Halloween makeup? Will they spend 30 minutes just for a reaction video to make them stay?

No. Most people on the web have little attention span and if you give them something too long, it can get boring. Something too short will make the spectators want more, and that’s not something good.

They will look for other channels that offer what they need and that you have not given them.

Produce quality videos

The content of the video can be stimulating or extremely creative, but if the production value is low, no one will continue playing after the first few seconds. Converted into a video camera to capture videos in HD.

If your channel mainly uses graphics, use a video editing program recommended for professionals.

If you need a great effort to make your videos look good, but if you are going to create moving images, you can also do it in a visually attractive way.

Only in practice will these tips start to gain popularity.

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