How much would you earn with YouTube if your channel was the most famous in the world?

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Surely you have asked how much a famous Youtuber earns and normally the answer is; “I don’t think I earn much for making videos”sin embargo, to have a channel with millions of subscribers and visits, the annual profits can be equal, millionaires.

If you can do an analysis taking into consideration that it has the most famous channel in the world, let’s take a real example, Pew Die Pie, a channel that has more than 30 million subscribers and is positioned as the most famous channel in the world .

The earnings with Google Adsense vary much daily, taking into consideration that they pay for each 1000 impressions and each click on an ad.

The percentage of earnings for each thousand impressions varies, it can be from 0.01 to 0.7 cents of the dollar depending on the channel. We will take 0.15 centavos in this case. Assuming that Pew Die Pie has 97 million views in a month (of all his videos), he would be earning 0.00015 dollars for each ad impression, which is equivalent to $14,550 dollars per month.

Now, the cost to click on the ads varies equally depending on the advertiser. Here if you have to take into account the number of users who click on an ad (CTR), it can be 1%, 2%, etc. We will take 1%, then, of the 97 million monthly views, only 9,700,000 users and clicks on the ads. The cost per click varies by 0.01 from the minimum, taking 0.08 cents from the click, if it costs the final part of my son $776,000 dollars for clicks on the ads.

Then, adding the two amounts, if you have that this channel earns $790,550 monthly dollars, $9,486,600 dollars a year.

These amounts are approximate, the real ones can vary either positively or negatively, since the variations in payment for reproduction and for clicks vary too much and it would be almost impossible to calculate with 100% accuracy the income from more than 2000 videos, but that is the approximate amount.

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