How has the digital transformation impacted our everyday life?

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds every day, making daily life easier for many people with the use of technological systems for any type of action that is required, from reading the news to having a video call with clients or family members from a country another

The digital transformation has helped over the years that companies can offer better services in a more automated and rapid way for customers, for example, online sales are a market that has gained too much importance, unlike before 15 years, that to buy some product it was necessary to see a commercial on television, call to make the order and wait several days for it to arrive at the home, now it’s enough to think about some product, look for it in the different online stores that exist on the Internet, compare prices and buy in a few minutes, either locally or in any other part of the world.

This is another great amount of actions that can be performed from a computer or for the greater comfort of many people, from their smart phone, which has the necessary technology to be able to perform almost anything.

Thanks to digital technology, it has made it easier for many people to see each other, whether they want to ask for a taxi, or if people don’t dare to travel with a stranger who covers what they want to travel in a damaged vehicle, just open an application de viajes en el teléfono y pedir un coche al precio que se crea conveniente y conociendo el perfil del driver. In the same way, it is possible to order food in different platforms for home delivery, which apart from providing comfort, works as a source of work for delivery people.

Another example of digital transformation is television, before people only conformed to watching local television programming, or they could, contract a pay TV service. Now, the screens are like computers, since Smart TVs have an operating system that allows you to install applications such as Netflix or YouTube, from which you can watch the programming you want at any time, of course, by paying the membership of each platform, being an accessible price for many people, or using free platforms like YouTube or Pluto TV. If you have some content on the phone, it is possible to transmit it to the screen.

To companies, technology has provided them with extraordinary help, both for their internal infrastructure, for example, medium and small companies that can contract SaaS or IaaS (software as a service, infrastructure as a service) services to companies like Amazon or Google, with the aim of reducing costs in the acquisition, installation and commissioning of technological infrastructure. When contracting a service from this, the result for the company is much more easy to provide and administer its services. In addition, the logistics, how to make shipments, is much more simple, since the technology allows the use of multiple platforms for product shipments. In case of money, bank transfers have evolved considerably, allowing sending and receiving money in a matter of minutes, as well as being able to use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Although technological progress sounds wonderful, we must not forget the dangers that this represents, especially for people who do not know much about technology or for children, because there are many bad people who use technology to do damage, or rob information from devices, including photos or videos that can be used for extortion, hacking of infrastructure in companies, among other malicious activities that put internet users at risk. Sin embargo, es algo que se tiene que prevenir, es necessario updaterse y conocer las medidas de precuencia que se deben de tomar al utilizar technological devices.

Being careful will avoid many problems when using any IoT device. If you are the father of a family, it is not a bad idea to read articles on basic computer security.

If you have any comment or doubt about it, let us know here below!

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