Google needs a rival for ChatGPT. Y tiene uno prometedor called ‘Apprentice Bard’ that is based in LaMDA

Paul Buchheit, the legendary developer who created Gmail, he said muy claro hace unos días “Google is one or two years away from total disruption. The IA will eliminate the search engine results page”. And when he was talking about IA, he was talking about systems like ChatGPT, which has effectively become a patent threat to the traditional business of those from Mountain View.

Código rojo. The impact caused by ChatGPT has generated a “code red” in Google, which is seeing its privileged position in the search sector in danger. The artificial intelligence engine created by OpenAI has clear limitations to replace it, and the most important of all of them is to obtain information in real time.

Atlas. This is the name of the cloud division project at Google, with which the Alphabet company intends to plant a rival to ChatGPT. This is an effort to create a new product: a search engine that could be used in the form of questions and answers, just as ChatGPT works now.

Bard. Google is also evaluating a chatbot of its own that it has baptized with the name of Bard. It means “bard”, being a bard from the poet of the ancient Celts. It is based on LaMDA, the conversational AI technology that Google launched a while ago but which it preferred not to make public in order not to damage its reputation.

There are those who believe that Google's search engine is dying and that's the reason

An advantage over ChatGPT. The operation of Apprentice Bard is similar to ChatGPT: the employees who are testing it can ask things in a dialog box and obtain a response to which they can then refer to later questions. The responses of this AI engine have something that ChatGPT does not have: the allusion to recent events. The OpenAI engine is updated until 2021, but it does not have information that appeared later.

The Google page could change (a lot). Between these tests to give a spin to its search engine, Google is testing a new alternative design that will replace the search box for a format of questions and answers. In this design, five “prompts” would appear that would serve as an example for diverse issues and that would replace the traditional part of “Voy a tener suerte”. The results are shown in a different way, in a conversation format, but at the moment this design is only a concept and it is not clear if it will end up being applied.

Qué dicen en Google. A Google spokesperson indicated on CNBC the following:

“We have spent a lot of time focused on developing and implementing AI to improve people’s vision. We believe that AI is a fundamental and transformative technology that is incredibly useful for people, companies and communities, and, as our Principles of AI, we must take into account the wider social repercussions that these innovations can have. We continue to test our technology of AI internally to ensure that it is useful and safe, and we hope to soon share more experiences externally”.

ChatGPT could work on Google. Google’s tests to evaluate the capacity of ChatGPT went further. They did blind tests to see if they could be “contracted”, and after answering a questionnaire, they proved that they passed the test and the questions asked of a level three developer, whose average salary is around 180,000 dollars per year according to some fountains

But it will not replace the programmers. That test raised again from the debate about whether ChatGPT could rob programmers of their jobs. From ChatGPT itself, when asked about it, he commented that this “is improbable”, and the same response from LaMDA, which also included in this debate AlphaCode, from the system developed by DeepMind and which is also capable of programming on its own.

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