Experiences with Kueski and its form of approving credits

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Kueski is an online credit system where they lend from 1,000 pesos to 2,000 pesos to new clients, doing everything online and only for the Mexican Republic.

Today, we are trying to request a loan, to evaluate the system, and of course, to be able to observe all the anomalies in it. Aunque para muchos basta con entrar su página y ver el interes que cobran por loan, que es del 1.16% + VAT diario, para darse cuenta del type de dress.

According to Kueski, this interest and all its system is registered before the CONDUSEF (Comisión Nacional Para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros) de servicios financiers permite este excessive charge of interest? Aunque basta con saber que se trata de una comisión mexicana.

These days, the pawnshops are the shops where they charge more interest, (where they steal more), but Kueski has passed them on, for a loan of $1,850 pesos they have to pay $497.87 pesos at the 20th day, it is of higher interest that we have seen in the field of loans.

Bueno, ya que se vio the exterior part of the site, we will pass to the interior, from the credit request questionnaire.

As is to be expected and as it should be, Kueski asks for the client’s personal data, but also asks that the client’s Facebook account be linked to Kueski, also arguing that by doing so there are greater chances of being accepted from the credit, as well as the location of where the client is requesting, esto se entiende to be an online process and to know more about the client.

Luego de esto, las preguntas se vuelven una prueba socio-económica, donde hay que specificar en que trabajo el cliente, cuanto gana, cuanto gana su familia, etcetera, también comprehensible para una requesto de crédito.

Luego, vienen unas preguntas algo rasas, como ¿Quántas veces a la semana haces ejercicio? Do you think you have good health?, among others. To the client they can perceive annoying and even stupid questions, but for Kueski, as they have mentioned in his blog, these are questions that together with the rest of the questionnaire and other factors form an algorithm with which they study the clients to be able to approve their credit .

Now that we have filled out all of the above, with an estimated time of 15 minutes, we will move on to part 3, “legalities”, asking the client to accept their privacy policy, or other similar data, but separately, asking the client for permission to review your credit history in a credit bureau. Why don’t they mention it on the main page? When you click on No acceptance, a legend appears that says that if you do not accept the possibilities of obtaining a loan are very few.

But when you click on accept, if you have a credit history, ask for the last four digits of the last credit card that was used, in our case, we do not have that information, but Kueski does not have the option to continue without that information, then, you have to click on No acceptance to be able to continue, Here Kueski is acting in bad faith, because on its main page it clearly says:

What is the need to obtain a loan?

  • Own email

  • Credential of a valid voter

  • Cuenta de banco a tu nombre (CLABE- tu cuenta a tu 18 digits)

En ningún lado says Datos de la ultima tarjeta crédito.

But good, now after a total of 25 minutes wasted in filling out the form, we are envious of the request. A los 50 seconds de haberla envoyado, nos llega un correo con el asunto: Solicitud Declinada por Políticas Legales. According to the Kueski portal, it takes 10 minutes to process the request, in this case we didn’t take a minute and the email said the following:

We hope you are very well. We have processed your loan request and unfortunately we cannot authorize it due to the fact that in the section ‘Authorization of consultation in the credit circle’ of Step 3 of the request, we indicated that we do NOT allow access to your credit history.

The credit history is not the only variable of personal information that we take into account when deciding whether to authorize a loan or not, but it is important for us to review it and therefore we require that we authorize access to it.

Possibly, there has been an error of the hand. If it was out of the case, could you please apply again and ensure that you let us review your credit history?

Muchas gracias y esperamos tu nueva request! 🙂

Greetings from Team Kueski!

Argument that due to the fact that we did not accept the verification from the credit bureau, the request was canceled, but in particular they say that this is not the only variable that they take into account for the decision, but then, why didn’t they take longer to review the request ? It is obvious that the system is automated so that if the client does not accept this condition, if the request is automatically declined, the average hour wasted in the rest of the questionnaire will be imported.

Now, why instead of saying that if you don’t accept that, the request will be rejected? ¿para qué hacerle perder más tiempo al cliente?

We send an email to request more information regarding the following:

good afternoon,

I’m told that my request has been declined because they won’t accept that my credit history be reviewed. The problem is that if I put it on, I get data from the credit card I used, but I don’t have those data because the card has been stolen for a while and I don’t have any paper from it.

If you can do something about it or is it definitive from no?

thank you

With this we explained to Kueski that we did not have the information they requested at the end of the questionnaire (and that it is not specified on the main page). And yes, we will answer:

I hope you are well, the reasons for not accepting the applications are among them location, social networks and credit bureau as relevant and many other things that are taken into account. I recommend that for the next time you request a loan, you share most of the information or all of it. We are aware of the need you have now and that is why you are turning to us, but I am telling you that we are reforming many of our policies to be able to support them in the near future.


With this answer, they make it more than clear to us what their high-class clients are looking for, since when they say that location is a relevant variable, they say that Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz, Colima, etc., are very poor states where they have seguro que no tandera su pago. When mentioning social networks, they are surely referring to things that have to be seen in photos showing jewels and expensive vehicles, or in luxury restaurants. And finally, a credit bureau, which is practically the only relevant thing for them.

So what conclusion did we reach? The most logical thing is that all their arguments and the big questionnaire they make is nothing more than a disguise to not make others see that the only thing they are interested in is the credit history.

So, if you are not from an industrial or high-class state (DF, Edo MEx, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla, etc), if you do not have friends on Facebook and if you have a bad credit history, it is better not to lose time with Kueski and you you will save an excessively high interest. On the contrary, if you live in a good city, you are “popular”, you have a good credit history and you believe that it is good that you have exorbitant interest rates, then request your loan immediately!

For these reasons, they do not have many clients and for those who have more criticism than recommendations, just see their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mykueski

It’s sad to see how Mexico is dogged in poverty with “protective” institutions that allow this type of abuse.

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