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Elon Musk is also creating his own ChatGPT. We know because I just bought 10,000 expensive GPUs

The CEO of Twitter was one of the personalities who a few days ago signed the letter to pause the development and training of AIs. Judging by the latest data, I wanted to pause it in other cases, but not in this one: everything points to the fact that the billionaire is working on the creation of a rival to ChatGPT.

GPUs. Sources close to the project reveal that Musk has bought about 10,000 graphic cards that will be used to train artificial intelligence models. The training process is especially intensive, and combining the power of these thousands of GPUs is crucial to speed up this task.

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There are no GPUs at all. The most powerful graphic cards from NVIDIA are very expensive, but in reality the GPUs that are used for these processes are specialized models like the NVIDIA A100, each of which is around 10,000 dollars. According to certain data, Musk would have invested tens of millions of dollars to create this particular supercomputer to train AI.

Fichando to experience. Another of the movements that the billionaire is making is to capture talent for this project. At the beginning of March he hired Igor Babuschkin and Manuel Kroiss, who until that moment were working at DeepMind. In The Information they announced that at least since February the CEO of Twitter started to move threads in this sense.

Sober data. When it comes to training a model, there are characteristics that require huge amounts of data, and Musk has access to them since then. The reason is simple: it is owned by Twitter, and it seems feasible that it will use all these data to train this model. In OpenAI they used Twitter’s API to train ChatGPT, but Musk pus freno or eso in december

From objective, uncertainty. Although there will be movements planned for the potential launch of a rival for ChatGPT, this IA system could for example be used to improve the search system on Twitter, a feature for which it was temporarily filed by the well-known hacker George Hotz.

Improve advertising? It is also said to take advantage of this AI model to reinforce the advertising section and thus enable better adjustment of the advertisements to certain profiles. The disbanding of advertisers a few months ago and the poor reception of the new Twitter Blue make Musk looking for alternatives to achieve income.


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