Elon Musk announces what will be the new logo of Twitter and what you will not like

Since the arrival of Elon Musk at Twitter, the platform founded by Jack Dorsey has experienced a large number of changes. Mientras que algunos han sido muy bien recibidos, otros han sido muy criticizedados, especially los que limited use of free accounts that does not pay the subscription to Twitter Blue.

For si han sido pocos los cambios Musk has announced that will be dispensed with from pajarito that has characterized this platform since its launch. At the end of last week, Elon Musk has been very active on his social network and in which he has been talking on different occasions about the intention to change his name to the platform.

The new number will be X. The owner of Twitter has made the announcement of the new number through a small video where it is shown, a video with a black background. In fact, Elon’s Twitter profile shows the X.com website and when you click on it, it opens Twitter.


July 24, 2023 • 10:02 am

Coincidentally, a few days ago, Elon announced the launch of a new Artificial Intelligence platform that will also include this letter in its name and will be called xAI.

Another of the companies of the current CEO of Twitter is SpaceX, which also includes an X in its number. Parece que tiene cierta fixation con esta lettera. The Boring Company and Neuralink are the only two companies that do not include this letter in their name, although it is likely that everything is a question of time that they also include it.

Threads, the alternative to Twitter if deflated

At the beginning of July, the Meta group announced the launch of Threads, a new platform focused on plant-based Twitter. During the first 5 days, Threads reached them 100 million usersun crecimiento muy por encima that no other platform had experienced.

But, as it was to be expected, according to what has been going on over time, calm has arrived and what has arrived as the alternative most similar to Twitter, ha bajado considerably in the number of users and in the number of minutes that the users spend.

Threads came to the market with a design and function very similar to Twitter, so similar that Elon announced that he would ask the company, since many of the engineers he had fired after his arrival at Twitter had ended up at Meta.

Sin embargo, a big problem of Threads is que le many basic options are missing that any social network should have, it does not allow to show the publications in order, the hashtags do not work either, it requires an Instagram account and shows in the feed publications of any user not only from the ones we follow.

So that Elon Musk has hoped that the use of Threads will deflate to announce the new number of Twitter, a new number that should not affect the current limitations that the company has, so that the only change that we will see will be an X instead of the traditional bow. This change will occur over the course of today.

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